Saturday, 3 April 2010

Over The Rainbow: The Wildcard Unveiled!

The girls choose their own song tonight and out first is Stephanie with Mama Do, great attitude and terrific vocal; she's followed immediately by Lauren with Run, famously covered before - I prefer this, she has the most gorgeous tone to her voice and you can hear the lyrics properly!

Dani with Ego - it's a strong vocal but the wrong choice of song didn't show it off, showed her age instead; Steph sings Michael Jackson's Just Can't Stop Loving You beautifully, made it a show tune, brilliant.

The search for Toto goes on, lol at the doggie vox pops!

The Wildcard is announced: It's Emilie!

Amy next with Big Girls Don't Cry (Fergie, not The Four Seasons) a strong vocal and would bring the house down on X-Factor but that's not what we're looking for. Danielle sings Red and again, like Steph, turns a pop song into a showtune fit for the West End. Cracking performance.

Emilie sings Breakaway - she looks the part, quirky but she didn't convince me vocally last week and fails again this week, felt it lacking compared to everyone else.

Bronte singing I Can't Make You Love Me gave me goosbumps, I thought she was awesome - needs to lose the sophisticated look though and stick with carefree Bronte to be a believable Dorothy. Jessica the show woman, full of personality - she reminds me of Connie Fisher a bit. You suddenly realize how crap the lyrics of Rehab are when you hear them sung properly!

Sophie sings Beyonce's If I Were A Boy and it's a cracking vocal, but maybe should've tried it without the American accent to turn it into a showtune. Jenny storms the stage, taking Performance of the Night with Pink's So What, dynamic, vocally strong, full of attitdue and attack. Brilliant.

So since I like too many of them to vote, I'll just have to just say who I was least impressed with, which was Dani and Emilie. But they could be back next week and I'll think they're awesome, which is a measure of how competitive this show is going to be!

Results tomorrrow, see you then!

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