Sunday, 11 April 2010

Over The Rainbow Result Show

Reprising The Wicked Witch is Dead and last night's show; Andrew says how high the standard is - and all live to boot.

Mash up time: Well, two song medley - Money Makes The World Go Around and Material Girl. See, strictly, a mash up is like you get in Glee - see the episode with Young Girl and Don't Stand So Close To Me for how it's actually done! Another fine production nonetheless.

The Search for Toto - some are the cutest, some are butt ugly, was that lovely little cute one called Fang? They've got proper experts on it. And Jodie. Whittling down to fifty! Meet them next week. Keep the hankies handy.

Steph happywith tonight, Stephanie over the moon and hoping she doesn't end the night sitting on it!

The acting class - learn the scene where Dorothy meets the Scarecrow. Lauren makes a good impression; Sophie and Dani forget their lines; Jessica, Steph and Stephanie over acted; Bronte, Jenny and Emilie all did well, Danielle stood out most, a considerable actress.

Get Happy - fab performance by all of them, tried to pick out the best but ... Andrew can't single them out either! The girls say who they think may be out: The panel say who is not Dorothy
Sheila - Sophie; John - Jessica; Charlotte - Emilie. Ooh, here we go!

Safe: Stephanie; Jessica; Jenny; Dani; Sophie; Steph! Yay! Danielle *phew* don't mind who out of the remaining two, but would prefer Bronte to make it through. Emilie safe - Lauren, the perceived arrogance puts her in the bottom two. Viewer vote would have put Bronte out.

Singing 'What I Did For Love' from Chorus Line - you're on your own, Andrew. He's gutted, two fantastically talented girls, going on tonight's performances, he doesn't know but has to choose - Lauren takes it. Jessica is heartbroken, you can see her and Bronte had become mates. Andrew tells Bronte to keep in touch, the panel are all nodding. Singing Over the Rainbow, it's Bronte saying goodbye.


klahanie said...

And speaking of the 'Wicked Witch' "I thoroughly examined her
And she's not only merely dead
She's really, most sincerely dead!"
Rest in peace, that lovable 'Munchkin', Meinhardt Raabe.
Take care, Jaye.
With respect, Gary

foxy said...

Steph was my favourite of the night I have to say, so glad she made it through :o)

Sophie and Emilie need to improve fast to be in with a chance for me. Whilst Lauren is a good insger I'm glad she was in the bottom two. She did come over as extremely arrogant and hopefully this will be a wake up call.