Saturday, 10 April 2010

Over The Rainbow: Too Close To Call

Cue lots of horsey puns from Graham! The Dorothys sing Ding Dong The Witch is Dead, no one stands out as better or worse than the rest, a pointer to a close show tonight. Emphasis on acting tonight, Sheila’s given them all a masterclass.

Sophie sings That Don’t Impress Me Much and I’m again sensing that song choices are going to have a big impact in this series. A small stutter, but big on attitude and pretty good overall. Jessica sings The Voice Within, a quiet and emotive performance, very different for her. Sheila disappointed that neither of them picked up on all her points; John found himself looking at the backing dancers instead of Sophie and saw no truth in Jess’ performance; Charlotte enjoyed both; Andrew said neither song was suitable and there’s more to come from both girls.

Bronte has Suddenly I See – I like this song but this performance was too shiny and clean, needed to be more funky, just not raw enough for me to enjoy it. Dani has The Buble’s Home, one little moment but vocally much improved on last week and heartfelt. Not sure she’ll want the public to follow up on that sentiment and send her home though! John felt there was no story arc with Bronte, Dani got stronger; Charlotte thought Bronte was great but could have rocked more, Dani brilliant, lovely, emotive; Sheila delighted with Dani, Bronte nearly cracked it; Andrew agreed with Sheila.

Steph and Oh So Quiet and I wasn’t sure about this song but then ... POW! Brilliant! Loved it, fave so far, what a great comeback, full of zest! The timing in the choreography was terrific. Jenny sings Songbird, completely different to last week but just as effective, wonderful vocal. Charlotte hopes neither are in danger, a fearless performance from Steph, brilliant. Jenny shocks her, beautiful tone; Sheila says they’re two of the bravest girls; John says that that is how you front a number (Steph) liked Jenny’s softer side, maybe a bit more passion; Andrew shares another piece of trivia, says Steph was wonderful and Jenny pitch perfect, an immaculate performance.

Danielle with Just A Little Girl - I really like her voice, she sounds like a West End singer, with the acting skills and presence on stage to match. Another strong performance. Lauren and I’ll Never Fall in Love Again. Not quite sure about the occasional change in accent but what a voice. Sheila pleased with both, Danielle a really good actress, Lauren witty, charming and light; John says it’s Danielle’s best to date, intelligent and sophisticated, Lauren fabulous; Charlotte says Danielle was dynamic, loved the whole performance, Lauren she warned about coming over too arrogant, but then, coming out and singing like that, fair do’s! Andrew praises Lauren and says Danielle fantastic, very impressed.

Emilie with The Boy Does Nothing and it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, in fact, it’s miles better than I thought it’d be, vocal in and out and needed a bit more attitude, but well done. Stephanie wows with Smile, beautiful performance, very strong. John says Emilie is back in the competition, great performance and loved Stephanie’s softer side; Charlotte enjoyed Emilie’s whole performance but she must learn to control her voice, Stephanie – brilliant, heartfelt, loved it, performance of the night; Sheila felt they didn’t do as well as she’d hoped although Stephanie grew stronger, Emilie could have had more fun with it. Andrew shares another story, says Stephanie did beautifully, Emilie needs more work.

Andrew wants hair and make up to remember they’re casting for Dorothy not Girls Aloud, they’re looking too sophisticated. I have to agree. Lines are open, Steph’s getting a vote tonight because I don’t want her in the bottom two again, but really, there’s nothing between them. I was least impressed with Emilie and Bronte tonight. The Dorothys take to the stage with Can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray, Jessica and Stephanie stood out for me, along with Bronte, redeeming herself.

Until the morrow ...

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