Saturday, 17 April 2010

Over The Rainbow: Dancing Night

And they're out for a group number to Ease on Down The Road, from the all-black version, The Wiz (of which I have the album, up in the loft - it's fabulous!) And for me, on dance night, I didn't think Emilie and Sophie were as comfortable as the others in that.

Andrew tells us that Bronte has a place in stage school and should get a part from one of the two auditions she attended this week, yay for Bronte!

Dani sings One Night Only, another strong vocal, a bit in and out, no dancing, very confident performance though. Liking the male dancers, lol. Sheila thought she was great but didn't quite get the song; John says she sold it; Charlotte felt she gave it everything; Andrew sensed that she doesn't feel the music so much.

Sophie sings I'm With You and it's her best to date, really connected with the song, again no dancing but well done. John says she could still be Dorothy; Charlotte got all the emotion; Sheila says it's a real breakthrough for her; Andrew says she has music within her.

Lauren has Sway and I admit, I'm comparing her performance to Samantha in the Nancy show, and I don't find it as good. Lots of dancing meant her vocal suffered for the first time - and I felt her dancing was very much learned-by-numbers, it didn't capture the spirit of the song. Finished strongly. Charlotte said she smouldered her way through; Sheila, very tellingly, says it was 'elegant' - should Sway be elegant? John said it's ok to be confident and you're a great dancer; Andrew thought it her best yet. Hm, I really didn't think so, this seems a concerted effort to convince the public.

Emilie has Moon River and she's a little shaky in places, still nowhere good enough vocally to carry a stage show. Sheila says she's great but not enough understanding of the song; John didn't get it at all (but the choreography is hardly her fault) Charlotte says she found her vocal control; Andrew says she's vocally not secure but possibly the best mover.

Stephanie blasts them all offstage with
Let's Get Loud, full of energy, attitude, musicality, out of time slightly on one small bit but brilliant performance. Sheila says she was wonderful, moved like a dream; John says she's a firecracker, solid, sensational; Charlotte says she's awesome; Andrew says extraordinary.

Steph is Phil Fearon's daughter! Ah, Galaxy - Dancing Tight. Yes, it's in the loft. Singing
Out Here on My Own, it's a moving performance and held the intensity all the way. John is dazzled by her acting; Charlotte says she's a triple threat, acting, singing, dancing; Sheila says it was beautiful; Andrew says she's immensley talented but not sure if this role is right for her.

Jenny has Why Do Fools Fall in Love and she does it again, the most consistent all round performer, strong vocal, confident, great movement. John says he's beginning to think she's faking it???!! Charlotte thought pretty good, overall. Sheila tells her to have more fun with the choreography; Andrew says it was a tricky song.

Jessica sings Crazy Little Thing Called Love and this is a fab performance, she looks daintier alone with the male dancers, she's so much taller than the other girls. The vocal went a little during the jive - terrific kicks though, great fun, full of personality and brought the vocal back. Great stuff. Charlotte said she owned the stage; John wanted to love it but found the choreography laboured??? Sheila threw me because she called her Steph; Andrew said if he was casting Funny Girl she'd be high on the list (a compliment) she works both the live audience and the TV.

Danielle out last with Could It Be Magic, it's Manilow meets musical theatre, her weakest vocally, but still stronger than most. Charlotte says it's a complete performance; Sheila tells her to regard the camera as a friend; John loved the performance but wants to see her take a risk and do something different; Andrew says she's a remarkable performer, he can't wait to work with both her and Jessica himself.

The group performance of America will show us who the strongest dancers are, but we don't see enough of each of them. So I have to say that overall, the one I feel who isn't Dorothy, is Emilie.

Back tomorrow!

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