Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Over The Rainbow Result Show

A night out at the O2 for the live Dancing on Ice show means this is a little late, apologies for that - but a rundown on the DOI show will shortly appear over on the dance blog, so it's all good!

A reprise of Ease On Down The Road confirms my initial thoughts that Emilie and Sophie aren't the best dancers, nowhere near as fluid as the others. Andrew says the field is wide open, unsure who'll he'll be choosing from in the bottom two; Sheila says the amount they do reveals their stamina; John says he's picked four contenders as Dorothy; Charlotte doubts she'd cope with the amount of routines they're learning - she needs a couple of drinks before she'll dance, lol. I love that fact that she's well aware of her reputation and goes for it before the press do!

The mash-up is still a medley, moving from Losing My Mind to Crazy in Love to Crazy and back to Crazy in Love again - please can someone advise: You have to re-write and mix two songs together, sometimes individual lines with the same backing track to make a mash up. See this, the example I previously gave. And if you're not watching Glee yet, why not? Anyway, back to Dorothy ... I thought Jessica and Danielle both did well there.

The search for Toto promised to be emotional and it is, very much so, for dog loving Jodie. Maybe I'm hard, but get a grip, really, they're well trained dogs. Although I did adore the Great Dane, Strider, thought he was gorgeous. They've whittled down to ten, we'll see them perform for the Lord next week.

Dancing in high heels - John shows how it's done! Adding to the pressure, The Lord turns up with Arlene Phillips in tow. Stephanie's awareness and Danielle's taking on a role to do it impress John most.

The Dorothys perform Buenos Aires from Evita and collectively, they're fabulous. The Lord is very impressed by all.

Who will they miss most? Danielle and Jessica don't want to lose Dani; Emilie would be gutted if Stephanie went and Stephanie reciprocates; Dani would miss Steph; Jenny and Lauren, roomies, want each other to stay; Likewise Steph and Sophie are mates;

Who's not the panel's Dorothy? Sheila - Jessica; John - Emilie; Charlotte - Jenny

Safe: Emilie; Stephanie; Jenny; Steph; Lauren; Jessica; Sophie. It's Dani v Danielle in the sing off and I confess to being a little shocked - Dani's best was least popular; Danielle proves how one slightly off week can have such an impact. They sing Maybe This Time and I've got my fingers crossed for Danielle - Dani is more passionate but Danielle is the overall package and she takes The Lord's decision.

Dani sings us out beautifully, saving her best performance for Over The Rainbow.

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