Monday, 5 April 2010

Over The Rainbow Result Show

Smashing opening, the Lord will be watching very closely, hell have to take everything into account when he makes his choice.

Quick recap, happy birthday Graham. Fantastic mash-up, beginning with Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better going into Broken Heels. Some girls more visisble than others, but not a duff note anyway and great movement.

Off the the farm, with Adam from Live Lambing marking them! No room for any dainty pretties here, they've got to get stuck in. He's judging them and his winner performs again - not sure that's a prize - Bronte gets it and chooses Amy, Emilie and Jessica to take the stage with her, whilst the rest of the girls will provide backing vocals. But they sing Love Machine, not the Smokey Robinson but the Girls Aloud piece of tuneless drivel, what a shame. Full of energy but no chance for a decent vocal.

The panel tell us who isn't Dorothy for them: Sheila - Amy; John - Sophie; Charlotte - Dani;

Safe: Bronte; Dani; Stephanie; Jenny; Danielle; Jessica; Lauren; Emilie; Sophie.

Sing off - Amy and Steph and whilst I'm not so surprised about Amy (it's as much a visual contest as vocal for the public and she's too wordly wise to be Dorothy) I'm shocked at Steph! Singing Whistle Down The Wind and they both sing beautifully, the Lord chooses Steph.

Amy sings goodbye with Over the Rainbow and I don't think any of the girls can hold back their tears, it's an emotional moment.


foxy said...

Hi Scatty :o)

Sorry been a bit absent, but I'm back now!

Without sounding cruel, I thought from the beginning that Amy wouldn't be right for Dorothy because of her age and experience, so I'm not suprised to see her go.

Like you there's a few that impress me, so we'll have to see how they all progress in the coming weeks :o)

Jaye said...

Hello, nice to have you back :) I've been off line a bit, connection being a problem!

Yep, a fair few in there will make great Dorothys so I'm sitting back and enjoying this one!