Monday, 5 April 2010

McLaren Watch

Bad judgement in qualifying saw JB and Lewis staying in the garage, instead of bagging a banker lap on the damp track. So finally, out on a wet track, they ended up 17th and 20th respectively.

However, a storming first lap from Lewis took him up eight places, eventually finishing in 6th, while JB pulled himself up to 8th. Both declared themselves happy with the race, and the overall standings are probably the closest I've ever seen at this stage.

Just nine points cover the top seven drivers, Massa first on 39, JB in 4th on 35 and Lewis in 6th on 31. Kubica is 7th just one point behind. Team wise, Ferrari are still top on 76, with McLaren on 66 and Red Bull storming up to 61 with the one-two result this week.

This could the be the closest championship ever!

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