Thursday, 2 April 2009

3BT: Scenes we’d like to see ...

... unsuccessful Personal Ads

1. Ex-bank clerk seeks wealthy ex-bank boss with excellent long term money but short term life prospects.

2. Army Staff Sergeant seeks companion for mellow yomps in the countryside. Camouflage gear provided.

3. 22 year old woman seeks man for long and happy relationship. Fifteenth time lucky, eh?


foxy said...

Haven't got the imagination to think of my own, so here's a few of my favourites from the book :o)

4. Outspoken monoped, recently divorced, seeks ageing millionaire for long hops in the country.

5. Me: Man, You: Woman....preferably.

6. They said I should never be released, they said I was a danger to women - let's prove them wrong.

Blimey been a long week! Rushed off my feet the last few days! Off to see grandparents over near Bristol for next few days, so trying to pack, but typically packing far too much for 3 days lol :o)

Went to a quiz last night and we won!! (she says 'we' as if I actually had anything to do with it!) Though I did get Blackpool Tower as one of the 'Who or What Am I?' questions because they mentionned the landmark contains a famous ballroom and I thought 'Aha! I know that!!' :o)

Jaye said...

They're three of my faves too!

Well done on the quiz - again! That's two out of two isn't it? It's great when the questions fall like that. :)

Have a lovely time in Bristol xx

Marilyn said...

7. If you are a lousy, smelly, idle, underprivileged and over-sexed status-seeking neurotic moron... Give me your money.

foxy said...

It is two out of two now Scatty, but I think it's just fluke....or the fact that I have very clever friends! :o)

scatty said...

Don't be so modest foxy :)

I don't think you'd want anything else that character has to offer Marilyn!