Sunday, 12 April 2009

Britain’s Got (some) Talent. And some real crud.

Ones to watch: Demetri and Logi, father and son Greek dancers brought the house down with the Stavros Flatley routine - completely different to what we were expecting and hysterically funny. Susan stole that ‘shock’ factor though, you could feel the mix of animosity and pity until she began to sing and completely mesmerised everyone. A real presence - let’s see what hair, make up and wardrobe can do with her. Flawless dance troupe look and talk the bizniz “Chase the dream, not the competition.” Fantastic, my only complaint was the camera man, who kept cutting to the audience/judges/Ant and Dec instead of staying on the dancers. Grrrrr - why?

Honourable mentions: Manjit the strongman - he won’t make it to the final but oh! the suspense in watching him blow up a hot water bottle till it burst! Then he pulled a van by his ear - hope they had the handbrake off - and he’s promising a 747 next time. Surprisingly gripping. Antoinette - Andrew - Allstarz - Good Evans, the Brummie Von Trapps - son Elliott the star. The Dynamite display team

Ones you hope never darken your telly’s doorstep ever again: Drums and Roses, what a racket that was. James and the world record attempt on eating Ferrero Rocher!? The record was seven, he only managed four - Ant did five. I’d have been more impressed had it been crème eggs. Gwyneth the witch, who took us back 35 years to Summertime Special and then cursed us. Only not as much as we were cursing her. Bradley and Jennie, whose sadistic Community Worker needs sacking. Andy, the Gene Kelly fan and “dancer”. Since when was Gene Kelly ever a windmill? And worst of all of them - Fabia the strip teasing ex-disco dancer who they went and said yes to. OMG! There were kids there, for goodness sake! Scarred for life now, I should think. And who would have thought those Union Jacks would have stayed put. The wonders of physics, eh!


foxy said...

OMG! I laughed so hard at the Greek father and son, but I have to say I'm concerned that they can't top it now. We've seen it once so it's not a suprise anymore, if that makes sense.

Only a few quick clips, but I also liked the four boys calling themselves Flippin Bonkers - looked good :o) And 4 Ferrero Rocher - for crying out loud!? I could beat that! What are some of these people thinking!?

I think Flawless were my favourites of the show last night - really briliant! :o)

Only just watched it because we were at the Dancing on Ice tour last night, so we recorded BGT. The show was FANTASTIC!! You could see all the guys make up they were that close and the routines were great!! Poor Suzanne fell on her big finale on her second routine. She gave her foot to her partner (for the headbanger I assume), but lost her balance and just went straight over! There were a few stumbles, but she was the only one who actually fell so I felt bad for her.

Ray and Chris did the Bolero...though Todd made up the top three after the audience vote! He looked terrified like he was thinking 'oh hell, I might actually have to do Bolero!' lol :o) Judges went for Ray as there champ meaning he's won every show of the tour so far - no suprises there methinks ;o)

David Seaman was our guest judge and was handing out really generous scores all evening! He gave Todd 5.0, which earned him a big cheer lol :o)

Anonymous said...

Think you're right re the dad and son, but was such good fun!
So wish I could have got tickets for DOI - am following Chris Dean on Twitter, he's posted some pics and comments about what's happening - you'll have to dive on in me dear!

Jaye said...

Oh for goodness sake - I did it again - that anonymous is me.

Jaye x

foxy said...

Might just do that Scatty :o)

Tell you the flesh Chris Dean isn't bad looking. I think I might actually have a slight crush now! Especially since he did his wiggly hips bit for their routine to Buble right in front of me - ooer!

Scatty said...

lol - have had a slight crush on him since 1981 - Mack and Mabel!