Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy St.George's Day!

Is it really Thursday already? Lovin' Google's cartoon take on St. George!

I've realised I've been seriously neglecting my jottings - too many tweets! Which makes a change from too many sweets I s'pose. There's still quite a selection left over - they're in the beer fridge outside in the garage and I'm too lazy to go out there, which is a good thing!

The reason for the major upsurge of tweeting though, is a radio play I'm kind of auditioning 'live' for - me and approx. 180 others, for five spots *eek* - for Resonance FM. The brief at the moment though is to just post as normal; clearly, writers are a chatty lot! Which is great, I'm talking to some lovely people and even if unsuccessful, I figure I'll learn a lot from them.

It's been hectic this week - after work on Saturday, I finally got together with my best friend I've known all my life. You know how it is - work, family, distance - still only a few hours but we know it'll likely be the Summer holidays before we have another chance. Then on Sunday The Hobbit's team played in a cup final, Hubby is coach and they've been really successful - up till now, when this was one match too far, sadly. Still, there's another semi-final this weekend, but I'm taking Matt to see the Crash, Bang, Wallop show instead. It features Brian Blessed, who I totally, totally adore! Fingers crossed The Hobbit and team make it through - their opponents apparently got sent off last week - manager, coach, keeper - so we're hoping they've been banned. Is that wrong of me? No? Good-o!

And, of, course - we're decorating - which is putting the kybosh on all my usual activities (coffee morning etc!) because the decorators (hubby, brother-in-law) want feeding and watering continually. Worth it though!


Julie P said...

And a happy St. George's day, what's left of it to you, too! Yes it's probably best to leave the sweets and tweets alone! But it's sooooo tempting!

foxy said...

A belated Happy St George's Day to you Scatty :o)

Can't really lecture about sweets since I ate a box (I'm not joking, a BOX!) of maltesers today. All the others in the office had training for something I didn't need to do, so was all alone till about 2. Went for a wander at tea break at they just proved too tempting at the shop - oops!

By the way - OMG at All The Small Things! How mean of the writers to make Esther see hot curate guy and bunny boiler apparently looking close, so now she's got it in her head that there's something going on. That's a good couple in the making there, don't mess it up!! :o)

Jaye said...

Thanks Julie. Re the sweets/tweets - there's that saying 'The only thing I can't resist is temptation!' Says it all :)

I know foxy - it's all hotting up! The trailer looks like he confesses his love for Esther tho!

foxy said...

I've got that on a t-shirt! Was said by Oscar Wilde apparently "I can resist everything, except temptation" - like your style Oscar lol :o)

Jaye said...

I've just remembered where I saw it - the sports journo I've got a link to has it on his site I think!