Thursday, 9 April 2009

Desperately Seeking Colin

I shopped at Sainsbury’s specifically today to buy some repackaged Pollack (cheaper than cod, plenty of it etc - see The Daily Scatter for the full story!) but upon asking a member of staff I got the “Never heard of it, I’ll just find the person who’s on fish.” Who’d never heard of it. I convinced myself it was an April Fool’s joke but researching it online again I find it is true, but they’re only stocking it in ten stores. That’ll teach me to skim read.

Still, it wasn't a wasted trip, I'd left a bag (non food stuffs) hanging on the shopping trolley and had to go back to the centre - and that's when I found the fudge stall. With the chocolate and orange, chocolate and mint and chocolate and vanilla fudge! Some things are just meant to be ...

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