Sunday, 26 April 2009

Britain’s got a nerve

I’m pretty sure that two of the acts we saw last night were put up jobs - I just had an overwhelming sense of something contrived - they were far too good at being so terribly bad. And why give them all that air time, when there were seemingly so many good acts going through - because they’re actors who were being paid? The woman at the beginning - so much apparently in common with Susan Boyle but oh - listen - shocking contrast, let’s laugh her off. And the drag act at the end, please - no-one who can’t sing would vary their tone in equal measures at equal distances, surely - from high, to low and in between - it’s how we all sound when we’re doing it deliberately. IMHO, obviously - I’m no singer - that’s just how it seemed to me. For one horrible moment I thought Amanda was going to put him through, but no. *Phew* And DJ, Get a Talent! Amanda’s right there - someone will put that out as a single. Where’s me earplugs?

So hands up all those who watched purely to see the knife man impale himself? Ha ha - you bloodthirsty lot!

So why am I still watching, I hear you ask. Don’t I? No? Ok, well anyway, I’m still watching for just those odd moments where we see someone actually, you know - talented. The little ballerina, who, to be fair to Simon, should drop the ballerina bit and concentrate on singing, preferably in just one accent. And the dance acts, for whom it’s a way of life, not just something they’ve shoved together for the show. Diversity were this week’s stars - a cool, creative, funny, focused, terrific act and a credit to their ill-perceived age groups.


foxy said...

Oh I think those acts were genuine Scatty. The kind the producers put on stge in the name of entertainment! It's eactly like all the other audition shows you see for x-factor etc. The producers see everyone and decide who goes on stage and who just goes home straightaway. They picka mix of good, amazing and absolute rubbish, thought unfortunately it seems more towards the latter! lol I did think last night was better than last week though :o)

Personal favs were the girl on ther big metal wheel (nice to see somthing truly different) and Diversity who are my favourite so far - loved it! :o)

I have to say (please don't hate me for it) I really didn't think the little ballerina/singer was much good actually. Shaheen was better than that and we've heard better in previous series...sorry.

foxy said...

My god! There are 4 spelling and grammar mistakes in that first paragraph! I do apologise Scatty :o)

Scatty said...

LOL - no apology needed - you've no idea how many times I have to re-edit after I've posted!

I'd like to have seen more of the hamster wheel one actually - I agree, very different - Piers looked an idiot didn't he! And agree with Shaheen, properly talented as opposed to just cute kid :)

Scatty said...

and I forgot to say - Gethin's on Twitter - now if that doesn't get you dipping your toe in, I don't know what will!

I think he may be getting swamped by love mail* though, lol, he may disappear just as quickly as he got there!

*Not from me, I hasten to add!

foxy said...

Oh no!! I've been trying to leave it be. I remember what I was like when I first discovered Facebook (I'm don't think anyone actually saw me again for 3 weeks!) and if I start on Twitter who knows how long it'll be before I venture out into the world again!

I never in a million years thought I'd say this, but damn you Gethin! ;o)

foxy said...

Yes! Spelling and grammar ability has returned to normal lol :o)

scatty said...

lol - his followers have gone from 28 when I succumbed, to over a 1000now! Go on, go on - you know you want to!! I'm being good - now the rmplay audition is over I'll shall restrict myself to once a day! *She says, wondering where the time has flown since end of school to now - and still no Scatter piece written* EEK!