Sunday, 19 April 2009

Britain really has got talent

I’m not even going to mention the rest of the garbage they showed on this show Saturday night - frankly, the stroppy bleeder of a girl at the beginning, the atrociously bad dancing Darth Jackson and the god-awful drag queen belly dancer just didn’t deserve to grace the same stage as these two.

Music teacher Julian Smith played West Side Story’s ‘Somewhere’ on his soprano saxophone; beautiful is an understatement, it was goosebump central. (And if you’ve been reading my blog a while you’ll know I’m quite partial to the saxophone!) And then we witnessed Shaheen Jafargholi stun the audience, but not with ‘Valerie’, which was sounding pretty ordinary - Simon, to his credit, stopped him and asked what else he could sing. The answer was Michael Jackson’s Who’s Loving You - Shaheen just launched into it, seemingly unfazed. Two fantastic, soulful, powerful performances to rival Susan Boyle.

It’s fun to laugh at the arrogant, awful acts, but give me a show full of Julians and Shaheens any day.


foxy said...

Mum and I both said it seemed like there were barely any decent acts in this week and basically picked out the same two as you Scatty :o)

I'm glad Shaheen did a different song in the end because he was actually out of time on Valerie (which is by The Zutons NOT Amy Winehouse!!) and Who's Loving You really was fantastic. He reminded me a little of Charlie last year who was robbed in the live semi's :o)

Scatty said...

The judges seemed to like a dance act too but we didn't see it properly and yet they gave all that time to Miss Stroppy, drives me nuts!

Jane said...

It is amazing to see talent just emerging fully formed on shows like that, but it kills me to see quite vulnerable people making utter fools of themselves (because underneath the arrogance is always a terrified soul). Yes nobody forces them to do it, to make berks of themselves but the producers must know that part of the show's success is the laughing and pointing aspect.

Here's hoping the cream does rise to the top and doesn't just end up lining Simon Cowell's pockets!

Jaye said...

Amen to that Jane!