Sunday, 23 November 2008

Running Commentary SCD: Week Ten

Before we start, a word re The John Sargeant Issue. For me, first and foremost, SCD is an entertainment show, not a serious dance competition. That was called Come Dancing and it was canned eventually because it didn’t pull in enough viewers. This was designed to involve the public and celebrities but some people seem to have forgotten that. Therefore, John had a place in the competition along with everyone else and if the public wanted to support him, they had every right to do so. I voted for him the first week. As time went on, I preferred to vote for the one couple that thrilled me most, seeing as how close the competition is. And I firmly believe John would have gone out before the semi-final. Now we’re faced with the prospect of a two couple final, with the judges effectively choosing the winner in the semi final again, which I’m pretty sure they’re delighted about. I’m not. And I don’t blame John.

Spotted Zara Phillips and Felicity Kendal in the audience - they’d make brilliant contestants …but since I’m in a cynical mood I’d have to say the judges would be completely sycophantic to Zara and Felicity would be Cherie Mark 2. So why put them through it? Camilla’s dress is amazing.

Lisa and Brendan, an excellent quickstep routine, a leaf taken from Tom - loved the freestyle jumps. Her most confident performance, very stylish. The judges look mightily pleased. Len: Managed beautifully, great movement around the floor; Bruno: Delivered a top vintage quickstep. Classic, elegant; Craig: Had the potential of being perfect; Arlene: Full of fancy footwork. Score: 35

Christine and Matt Cha cha cha to a fab song but it seemed a bit slow. Christine bubbly as usual but her legs let her down again. It didn’t thrill me like her jive. Bruno: Didn’t engage me as much as I’d like you to; Craig: Disappointing, wooden, sticky, needs to be more dynamic; Arlene: need to feel the rhythm, flat footed; Len: Neat, precise, clean, sell it more. See - I actually agree with the judges on this - they told her what she did wrong and how to put it right. Except Len, who caused an almighty argument again, calling their opinions piffle and telling her to whip her knickers off and throw them in the air. *Rolls eyes* Like Craig said - very constructive. Not. Score: 27 In trouble. This whole series has been so bad tempered, some message boarders followed the judges lead and I don’t know that I can be bothered any more.

Jodie and Ian’s jive to ‘Great Balls of Fire’, excellent choice. Jodie lacked bounce but a fun routine, better than I thought it’d be, considering her lack of training. Energy and enjoyment shone through as always. Craig: Pleasantly surprised, confident and tight; Arlene: Performed like a great actress; Len: Did those kicks beautifully, fun element; Bruno: You were sharp and on time. You should be proud. Score: 30. Fingers crossed.

Tom and Camilla, whose music I have again failed to find on Youtube and ooh, I actually blushed watching him in action there with Amanda Mealing. Tangotastic! It’s not normally a favourite dance of mine, but I felt a tingle in that. Sharp and dynamic, musicality again Tom’s strong point. I’ve seen 10s for less. Arlene: Drive, passion, stalked the floor, gripping - but not perfect; Len: Agree, fantastic - but not perfect; Bruno: Disdainful, whiplash, intensity - but not perfect; Craig: I wouldn’t mind coming to your hospital for a bit of slapping. Loved it. But not perfect. Score: 36. What’s the bloke got to do - none of the dances given 10s have been perfect.

Rachel and Vincent foxtrot to ‘Close To You’ - which I put on the Music Choices thread just this week!
Very nice performance as usual, at least I thought so when I woke up and watched it again. The Management are in. Len: Knocked my socks off; Bruno: Close to heaven, bliss; Craig: Fab-U-Lous; Arlene: Close to perfect, strictly something special. Score: 40. Goodbye Rachel, hello Emma. Once day maybe she’ll knock my socks off. Seriously overmarked to keep her safe. Arlene/Bruno - how can ’close to perfect’ and ‘close to heaven’ then be worth a ten? I’m getting quite annoyed now.

Austin and Erin cha cha to ‘It’s Raining Men’ LOL - it couldn’t be camper than if they pitched a tent in the middle of the dance floor! But they had a lot of fun out there, great chemistry and Austin singing his heart out all the way through. It wasn’t very fluid though and the early choreography really didn’t suit the music. The public will love it and rightly so, but he’ll be fourth on the leader board with that - always a danger area at this point. Bruno: Squeezed every drop of entertainment value out of that; Craig: Cheekiest cha cha I’ve ever seen, square of hip though; Arlene: Interplay, naughty but timid arms; Len: I enjoyed it very much. Score 35!!!!!!! What! As good as Lisa’s quickstep? No way, sorry - severely overmarked. So now the judges are giving marks for entertainment instead of technical ability. They’ve given the top four a cushion over the bottom two. So it’s Austin and Rachel in the final then.

I have to say it - once again, in comparison with other dances, Tom has been under marked. One point more than Austin’s cha cha? Give me strength.

John and Kristina. Biggest cheer of the night. Most beautiful dress of the night. If the judges stand I’m going to throw my tea at the telly. They didn’t but everyone else did. Yes Len, you may well look to heavens, not that you’ll find any comfort. That after John thanked the judges for whipping up so much support for him! The results show could be very interesting. I’m finding it hard to care.

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