Wednesday, 12 November 2008

3BT: Musical interlude and surprise, surprise - chocolate!

A friend of mine designs these gorgeous little music models . As a fellow football mum, we’ve never really had time to chat until last Saturday night at a birthday party, when I found out she teaches music teachers to teach music to children! And these little models are a wonderful sideline, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the musician in your family, check out the web shop.

Talking of Twist and Shout, John and Kristina’s cha cha song, I used to work at an insurance company who managed to put their own band together from the staff. A terrific night was had by all at a local hotel, the highlight a rendition of said Beatles song - with more of us on the stage than off it.

Matthew dropping his twix in the bin - no, really - even I draw a line there. I’m not saying it wasn‘t tempting and let’s face it, I’m still thinking about it now. I can almost hear it calling out to me …

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