Sunday, 16 November 2008

Results Show: SCD Week Nine

Good grief - did Tess have a boob job overnight? GETHIN!!! Woohoo! More Gethin! Happy days indeed! And ‘Yay’ for Robert Powell - thought Tom was worth 4 tens! I’ve always liked him, thought he was marvellous as Jesus. Len: When you look back at all the series, who’s the best bloke at ballroom? He was talking about Austin - but we all know it was Gethin. The Pro Cha Cha. Kiss. Respect. Yep. Brucie and Anton perform ‘Me and My Shadow’ and Bruce tells Anton early: Not so close - I’m the star! LOL, so entertaining, proper old fashioned style. Work experience for Anton? Tom Jones - new single. We can hear him, show us Ian, Cam, Lilia and Darren - where have they gone - oh, they’re back. What a brilliant song - he hasn’t lost it, has he?

The Moment of Truth: Safe: Rachel and Vincent, called out first. What a surprise. Why am I so cynical lately? Austin and Erin; Tom and Camilla; John and Kristina *the Tin Hat salesmen all rub their hands in glee* Christine’s praying; Jodie and Ian; perm any one from Christine, Lisa, Cherie. It's Christine and Matthew - Matt now has a perforated eardrum. Lisa V Cherie - Lisa attacked, Cherie put a foot wrong, nervous. Craig and Arlene - Lisa; Bruno - Cherie. Len with the casting vote and Lisa’s through.

Two of the top three last week in the dance off this week - the ones left standing surely have to be those who can do both Latin and ballroom to a high standard. But frankly, anything could happen. I take heart for Tom in that my mum voted for him last night. She’s completely neutral, no favourites, doesn’t watch ITT, no message boarding - just votes for the one she enjoys most on the night. My very own straw poll!

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