Sunday, 2 November 2008

Lewis Hamilton - World Champion. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Except of course, to the F1 Powers-That-Be who did everything in their power to scupper his chances this year!

I spent the last ten laps doing anything and everything but sitting and watching - I can't take the tension. I was outside, fingers in my ears, trying not listen for any sudden shouts of YES! NO! OH MY GOD! Could it have been any closer? At that last moment when the rest of them in the living room were going mad, I felt just like poor C3PO when Luke and the others were laughing and cheering, trapped in the garbage shoot**: They're dying R2; curse my metal bones, I wasn't fast enough. It's ok, we're alive, he's done it!

No pressure now - a good bet for back to back titles I'd say!

** but without the metal bones or the comm link.


Marcela said...

Hello, Jaye

Just stopping by to say hello and as usual I have good laugh with your observations!

Take care


Scattyjan said...

Hello! Lovely to hear from you :)

It's all warming up now isn't it - I really wouldn't like to call who's going next!