Sunday, 30 November 2008

Running Commentary SCD: Week 11

And I’m watching the show at Sparkling Champagne’s house - head girl and founder member of the legendary GGs! Let me say right here, right now - I did not get lost, I knew exactly where I was in relation to her house. I just can’t explain why it took three hours for a 60 mile journey (many thanks to the security guard at Tescos in Uckfield - you’re a star!) or why I only just arrived before our Irish contingent from Dublin. Anyway, a fun evening was had by all thanks to our lovely hostess. Recipe of the Night: One bottle of Asti Spumante, add cointreu and cranberry juice to taste. Yum.

Rachel and Vincent up first. She’s not what you call excitable is she? Four tens last week; anyone else would be jumping for joy. Training tears *yawn*. That dress is too long - how’re they supposed to see her feet? Another understated but probably faultless performance that bored me to tears. Len agreed re the dress but is assuming her feet were perfect. Bruno: Look like an angel, dance like an angel; Craig: Shaping through the hands exquisite but choreography stopped and started (I agree) Oh here they go again *sticks fingers in ears while they argue* Arlene: Truly one of the most soul tingling waltzes ever seen. Er, no! Nowhere near the charisma of Alesha, (the epitome of bubbly) and Gethin. Judges: 39 What a surprise. Paso Doble: According to one of the GGs, Vincent looks like Dandini LOL! Hm, this looks a bit stampy to me, rather than strong and she’s walking around like she’s modelling and isn’t actually doing very much. But it’s Rachel and she must be protected so… Bruno: Can have any bull you want …not as steady as it could have been; Craig: Like the flameco hand shaping - a brilliant attempt; Arlene: Dramatic but not through the face; Len: Wasn’t enough content, too much
messing about. Judges: 32 If Len wasn‘t so inconsistent I’d probably agree with him most of the time. Combined: 71.

Lisa and Brendan. Stop crying woman! Get on with it! I’ve warmed to her a lot because she’s a superfan and I really enjoyed her quickstep, but stop with the snivelling. Fingers crossed. Love the
song and musicality, a smashing foxtrot full of pizazz. Bruno: Style and elegance, fantastic choreography; Craig: A-may-zing! Arlene: Cinderella …went to the ball; Len: A buffet of gorgeous dancing; your best dance. Some more 10’s coming I think, deservedly so. Judges: 39 Cha Cha: I love the fringy frocks and this was easily the best cha cha since Tom’s way back in week one. Thought the song a bit slow but the timing again was great. Bit worried the dress might ping off. Craig: Strutted your stuff, really fantastic; Arlene: Delivering the best cha cha this series; Len: No messing, Brendan showed off Lisa’s talent; Bruno: Doubts about Latin blown away. Be proud. Judges: 37 You could see Bruno’s grin forming before he gave the ten! Combined: 76

Christine and Matt have Felicity Kendall helping them out. Needs to be strong here. Have to say I really don’t like Addicted to Love as a Tango song. Good ending and she looks fantastic, but not strong or sharp enough unfortunately. Craig: Not sharp enough; Arlene: You weren’t centred, no core strength, need to tighten; Len: A bit of drama; Bruno: You have the faces, moves …but limp. Judges: 28 Keep fighting and smiling. Salsa so much better, the smile is back but a bit stop/start in places. Len: Really attacked. Well done; Bruno: Dance suits you; Craig: Stompy???( he does worry me at times) Energy fantastic. Judges: 30. Unless Austin and Tom really cock up their Latin, she’ll be bottom. Combined: 58

Austin and Erin. I’m watching his feet on this - Ian and James midweek report and Len’s master class have told me what to look for. Nice opening, I'm seeing lots of toes and not heels. But since I don’t really care about those I’m just loving the
dance. Arlene: One foxy guy, magical; Bruno: Performance right up there, amazing; Len: Performance fantastic. Well done; Craig: If you’re a viewer and you don’t know what to look for…sickle feet, more sway needed. Judges: 36 But they seem to be marking less on technical and more on performance with some than others. *Note to BBC: Hand the judges a dictionary open at ‘Consistency’* What’s a plome? Plome, anyone? Northern for plum? Anyone? Oh - aplomb! Paso Doble - fantastic start, a buzz went through the audience. Immense piece of music, a lot of shouting and I want Austin to go through but *whispers* he didn’t seem to do an awful lot. No doubting an exciting performance though. A standing ovation from the audience. Len doesn’t look happy: Very, very disappointed. All performance, no content; Bruno: Lorrrrrd of the Paso! Powerful delivery; Craig: Arrogant, full of attitude, I loved it; Arlene: You little devil. That’s what Strictly’s all about. Judges: 38 Tens from all except Len - 8 This is why it shouldn‘t be up to the judges. Combined: 74 Knocks Rachel down to third. I’ll say it - she’ll be in the dance off.

Tom and Cam and a beautiful romantic waltz to one of my favourite
songs . I loved it, so did the audience. Let’s hope there’s no buts …Len: Fantastic; Bruno: Romantic lead you are, beautiful it was (He suddenly became Yoda); Craig: Loved the rise and fall; Arlene: Charisma, control, beautiful. But the problem was the butt, apparently. Not that I noticed. Judges: 35 - 7 from Craig - ridiculous, 10 from Len. T&C well ‘made up’ was the phrase I heard Tom use. More happiness from them over the one ten than anyone else over their multiple tens. Tom’s samba shirt has a life of its own! Wonderful party song and the most fluid samba we’ve seen - those backward walky things that usually look awful, even when done by Alesha, were brilliant - the filthy hips are back in town! It made me smile - it’s him I want to see dancing in the final. Bruno: Camper than a row of tents - an explosion of fun; Craig: Amazing energy; Arlene: Mardi Gras, entertaining; Len: Bit repetitious but whole flavour of the dance was brilliant. Judges: 35. Combined 70. Just one more point and I’d have been a lot more confident about them avoiding the dance off.

I may need to sacrifice Christine to see Tom through. And we’ll find out if Tom does have the public vote. Rachel will be saved whoever she’s in the dance off with.

The Results Show
They’re really trying to sustain interest in the show - the best five couples ever? Geth/Cam, Zoe/Ian; Jill/Darren, Alesha/Matthew; Erin/Colin. That’s five off the top of my head right there. Was there a dip in the ratings this week that they need to big it up? The voting is closed otherwise Christine’s score would have gone through the roof following Arlene’s negative comments. Nice one Tom, some verbal support for Christine. Darren and Lilia’s samba to Volare, over far too quickly. The quickstep, Flavia/Anton, James/Ola, Lilia/Darren, Karen/Brian fast and furious and great fun. Estelle the special guest, singing 'American Boy' and we have Karen, Brian, James, Ola and Flavia with a cha cha. Where’s Kristina? She’s not been on it since John went.

The Moment of Truth: Safe - Tom and Cam! Yippee! LOL at their reaction. (And now we know he has public support) Austin and Erin, a salute between the two boys - Yes! Lisa and Brendan through too. No surprises then really. And the dance off a foregone conclusion. Rachel looks confident, Christine resigned. . I bet she’d have gone through under the old system. It must be galling for Rachel to know she’ll only make the final because of the judges.
Your smile will be missed Christine - loving the impromptu Irish dancing with Matthew! I’m a bit sniffly cos she’s welling up, so I’m going now.

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