Sunday, 9 November 2008

Running Commentary: SCD Week Eight

No one fell down the stairs on intro so it’s straight into couple number one - Tom and Camilla and the dance I know I’ve been waiting for since seeing the you tube Tap Dance routine. A big groan at Bruce’s joke - donny501’s from the forum was better. *whistles through teeth* that fall into the wall was naaaasty. And oh, I so do not want to hear that it could be a disaster! Thank God it wasn’t - the quickstep was amazing, not perfect, but a real WOW factor - caught the essence of Billy Elliott totally; the opening and closing solo tap segments were brilliant - different and exciting - will the judges think so too? Len: Character …charm …light and fluffy - I thought you did a great job; Bruno: Jumping Jack Flash …lightning bolt …timing unbelievable; Craig: *holds breath* Camilla …showcasing all of Tom’s strengths…Fab-U-Lous; Arlene: Fast feet footed - you were jumping over giant stones all the way to the final. (They did - except Len didn’t like the shoes! So that’s the topic for the Tom haters on the forums who can hardly credibly slate his dancing!) Happy, excited Cam at Craig’s 9! Judges score: 36.

Jodie and Ian next up for their samba to Tom Jones wasn't sure about that but remember
Lilia and Aled’s? It can work. Jodie said if the judges like it she’ll eat her shoe and unfortunately she was in no danger of having to do that. I thought she did alright actually - she’s so much more relaxed now and maybe it lacked content but it was like an adorable puppy, gentle and soft. Bruno: You’re like the stock market, up and down …tried to get into the spirit; Craig: Crucified that samba. Sorry (way too harsh again Craig); Arlene: it wasn’t that bad - you’ve got a nice softness in the legs; Len: You moved nicely, just didn’t suit you. Judges Score :23 - a 3 from Craig, 7’s from Len and Bruno - I reckon a fair score would have been all sixes, so overall about right.

Heather and Brian take to the floor certainly looking the part for their Tango, all fiery red. Love Heather’s mum’s advice: “Work it girl!” And she did, I thought. Good song choice got the audience on side and I’m bobbing along too. Fab musicality - enjoyable. Craig: Marked improvement, dance suits you. Well done; Arlene: You do get stronger week by week; Len: I thought drama and passion in it. A very good job; Bruno: Great improvement on last week …combine everything and get higher scores. Judges score: 27

Austin and Erin have the notoriously difficult rumba and there’s the chance Austin could catch a cold here. I hope not, he’s fun and it’s a great partnership and he is one of the better dancers. His emotional side is his back side LOL. Sexy start, beautifully choreographed for him but he needs to be more pliable. Competent though. Arlene: Brave…feet caress the floor; Len: You weren’t comfortable doing this dance, the elements you mastered; Bruno: You should have gone for “throbbing hunk and give her a good go” (steady on!LOL); Craig: Clever choreography …stiff. Judges score: 29. A five from Craig - I think he was allowing for the others over marking with their eights as the score is about right.

A welcome return to elegant Cherie and James this week with a waltz. I love a bit of saxophone
so I’m already engaged and it was gorgeous. Len: Every element of that dance was fantastic - except the heel leads!; Bruno: The English Rose is back in full bloom; Craig: Clean, confidant and hugely enchanting. Arlene: The chemistry is back (there was a bit before that but I can’t read my own writing. Doh!) Judges: 36

Christine and Matthew will be jiving but not before a bit of ballet - lovely to see Matt doing it too. Loving the dress, loving the song
and is it just me or did anyone else notice (sorry, couldn’t resist) they’ve cloned Christine into Alesha for this?! Best dance so far for these two, I loved it. All bouncy and lively and fun. She’s still jumping at the end - it is Alesha! Bruno: Sharp, tight, excellent; Craig: A very good job; Arlene: Thrilled, ballet made a difference (Craig admits he was wrong about ballet) well done, phenomenal improvement; Len: Bright and lively jive, so good, very nice. Judges: 31

Rachel and Vincent have the American Smooth and training looks good. Some help on the lifts from the Dirty Dancing man - I wonder if he does private lessons? *Ahem* Great solo from Vincent and an inspired song choice.
Nice lift sequence, although the middle bit ended up a bit clumsy, the start and end were very well done. Lovely choreography again BUT you can see the difference in how Christine delights in the dance and Rachel doesn’t ‘release’ - is the technical term I think. A shame too about the end stumble, but a very enjoyable dance. Craig: Loved they used the quickstep, completely animated. Wonderful; Arlene: Bright and lively …tricky footwork; Len: A gem of a performance; Bruno: Rrrrrrachel and VincentFred and Ginger for me tonight. Judges: 35

John and Kristina. Cha cha. The audience is laughing already - which means they know it’ll be awful but they’re going to enjoy it anyway. Fantastic song
cheeky, like John. Kristina is to blame for John still being here, as well as people like my Dad (see last week). He is the worst and it will be unfair if someone else goes instead of him. I wasn’t charmed with the start - buying time - and I’m trying to find something positive but this week I’m failing. Sorry John - grab some earphones on the way to the firing squad. And blindfolds for the rest of us. Arlene: Outstanding at dancing badly; Len: Phoning his mates to vote for him …terrible; Bruno: Charming personality …dancing stinks; Craig: Disarster. Judges: 12. Should go but …

Last dance - the Viennese Waltz for Lisa and Brendan and it looks like Karen’s VW dress has been recycled - lucky Lisa. It didn’t knock me out but it was very nice, her most assured performance to date. Len: The most improved dancer in this series; Bruno: Took the simplicity of VW and transformed it into ballroom magic; Craig: I could kiss you Brendan - fantastic job with this lady; Arlene: Endless love story. Judges: 36 Quote of the week from Lisa, in response to Tess’ Brendan’s smiling” “It’s cos Craig wants him now!” Big LOL.

You’ll note I’ve not said who’s safe - if the public save John again we could see a major shock - the top three probably have the cushion they need but anywhere from 4th downwards and it’ll be very close. Straight on with the results then, seeing as I'm late again today.

The Results Show

Tess is wearing a samba dress - is that a clue to what she’s dancing with Anton on Friday, I wonder! I laughed at The Joke: Bruce: Songs of Praise is on tonight -we’ve got singing; And Little Dorrit - we’ve got drama; Antique Roadshow - Tess cuts in: We’ve got Bruce! Bruno agrees with me re Craig’s harshness towards Jodie. Christine is definitely Aleshabot this week, look, she’s still jiggling around now! And so are Tom and Camilla. Michael and Joanne - World No.1. Latin dancers, showing how a char char char should be done, dahling. They’re so fast. Even when they’re going slow. Wow, humbling when I think of my pathetic little fan down the hallway. Hello, Anton! *Waves* So it’s Tess and Anton V Terry Wogan and Flavia (Please give him a waltz!) And we see some of Tess’ training - American Smooth by the look of it. The pro dancers tribute to the war years. Wot, no uniforms! Ah, it’s a ballroom, they’re all resplendent in tails. I’m running out of superlatives, I could watch them all night. Beyonce guesting - with Kristina and Brian - who made the most of probably the worst song I’ve ever heard Beyonce sing, although the rumba worked. Er, can anyone tell me how Brian lifted Kristina by her foot then? *winces*.

The Moment of Truth: Safe - John and Kristina!!! OMG - someone open the Gate! Bruce said it: Dear oh dear - not particularly professional but I’m all for saying what you think. They’re all worried now. Tom and Camilla *Phew* Because NO-ONE is safe! Lisa and Brendan; Cherie and James; Christine and Matthew; Austin and Erin:And finally, Jodie and Ian. Poor Heather, this is it - Rachel is the better dancer. So we now know that John, Jodie, Austin, and Christine are all more popular than Rachel. But where do Tom, Cherie and Lisa slot in? Brian looked so proud at the end, again Heather performed better the second time. No surprise here though - Rachel through unanimously but she’s an emotional wreck and setting me off again. I totally respect and agree with the judges comments.

What did I just say? Good grief - someone get me some chocolate, I must be in shock.


Clover said...

Wasn't blown away by the show AGAIN this was good though...esp. the Tom Jones ;-)


Scattyjan said...


Not been in for a couple of days, but agree, some great song choices.

There's a lot of competent dancers left in, but not many have completely thrilled me like some did last year. They must all be pretty nervous now too! (except John - nothing to lose!)