Sunday, 23 November 2008

Results Show SCD: Week 10

Ok, so the producers want the judges to argue - or why show it again? I give up. Two dances next week. The Milonga - the forerunner of the Argentine Tango; Vincent and Flavia show us - they surely don’t expect the celebs to do that. It was fantastic. The group dance Saturday Night Fever. Brilliant fun. Superb, Tom’s timing stood out for me. John Barrowman ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’ with Brian and Darren together with Lilia, Hayley, Ola and Flavia for a Latin fest. Wonderful as ever.

The Moment of Truth: Safe - Rachel and Vincent; Christine and Matthew; Tom and Camilla; Austin and Erin. Lisa again - and Jodie. Christine must have been at least 3rd favourite with the public to put Lisa down there, who may have escaped had Austin been below her. It’s bye bye Jodie and Ian.

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