Tuesday, 23 February 2010


A little late, I know, sorry!

The big BIG news of course is Amy Williams storming to Olympic Gold in the Skeleton! Yay, way to go Amy!

The BBC are making a movie charting the rivalry between Seb Coe and Steve Ovett, possibly being released before th 2012 Olympics. I knew someone would beat me to it, my screenplay is still up here *taps temple* waiting for a chance to be written.

In Boxing, Nathan Cleverly won the European Light Heavyweight title ... Peter Norfolk is still World Number One in Wheelchair tennis ... Greg Harlow won the World Indoor Bowls title, with Stewart Anderson and runner-up. In women's bowls, Debbie Stavrou beat Alison Merrien in the World Matchplay Championship final.


Julie P said...

I haven't been watching the Winter Olympics but had heard about the Gold medal. Didn't she have less advanced technology than her rival and still won?! HAH! Classic!

Julie xx

Jaye said...

Ooh, nice new picture!

Not sure about the techy things - our two girl bob sleigh team bought their sled on a credit card, I know that much, lol! Think Amy had new design helmet that the Canadians tried to say was illegal!

foxy said...

Yep that's right Scatty :o)

Except it'd been designed with the involvement of the Olympic Standards Committee, so the Canadians didn't really have a hope with that one - hah!

Just bad losers if you ask me - that'll teach em to underestimate us! ;o)

Jaye said...

What on earth were the Canadians thinking!! Still, they're not all bad are they ;-)

foxy said...

No...there is one rather lip-smackingly gorgeous, smooth-voiced Canadian that I can think of! Lol ;o)