Saturday, 20 February 2010

PopStar To OperaStar: The Final!

Bernie versus Darius, two solos, two duets and a group number! She looks amazing in dangerous red; he, dashing in uniform!

Darius out first, a quick recap reminding us what a fabulous performer he is; he's chosen Non Piu Andrai - the one where he falls in love with his hand (anyone see TV Burp, lol!) He does even better this time, interacting well with the supporting cast, great timing! Loved it! Afterwards he said: “I wanted to see if I could get through this performance with my flies up, I did ask if I could wear a kilt but that’s not very Italian. It’s been such an honour to perform with the orchestra and I just want to thank everyone who’s voted for me.”

Katherine said: “The song was in good hands. When you came in you had the heart of a tenor and when you sang that song for the first time you settled much more into a baritone. You always come out and deliver a great performance, it was brilliant.”

Laurence said: “l loved the singing very much. It was very cheeky, very sexy, very Darius.”

A Bernie recap of her chacka chacka performances, the stunning vocal gymnastics. Les Fille De Cadiz her choice, full of character, very cheeky. Even stevens so far! Afterwards she said: “I had such fun singing the original, I really enjoyed it. I loved singing in French and all those things made me choose the song. I had a high note which I hoped would give me a ‘chaka chaka’ from Rolando.”

Rolando said: “I am very happy Bernie changed the choreography so that she stayed still and it allowed her to have a great vocal performance, it’s not a chaka chaka, it’s a chaka chaka plus.”

Meat Loaf said: “I want you to know, you’re hot.”

Laurence said: “You more than anyone bring a new audience to opera. You’re making opera the new rock and roll.”

Katherine said: “I’m really pleased and really proud of you, you created a real performance.”

Darius duets with Rolando on The Impossible Dream and I have to see past the cheesy Elvis impersonators I always imagine when I hear this song. And see past it I did, impressive. Bernie with Katherine sing Somewhere, which I also love, goosebumps on that, so Bernie just sneaks ahead for me, she threw everything into that. Afterwards Darius said: “I just found out that ten years ago in this studio I did my first final in Pop Stars, then two years later I was in the final of Pop Idol, tonight, to be here with my family, means so much, thank you so so much.” Bernie said: “I enjoyed every single moment, I loved it.”

Then the group song, all four of them with Brindisi - loving the banter beforehand, thoroughly enjoyable, excellent performance, it must be very hard to concentrate where you are when surrounded by all those powerful voices.

My heart still lies with Bernie, but, I was out and therefore couldn't vote (watching on ITV player!) The recap shows how Rolando has really stolen the whole show! It's an incredibly close vote, so now I feel really guilty as the winner is announced: It's Darius! Sorry, Bernie! She said: “Everyone has been amazing, thank you everyone.” Darius sings us out with his solo, which I think is probably what won it for him.

A lovely show, will they do another next year? I hope so!


foxy said...

I was suprised that Darius won to be honest. Had hoped it would be Bernie and think she was the better singer, but a good show nevertheless :o)

Hope it returns next year :o)

Jaye said...

I hope so too, and with Katherine and Rolando, they were perfect mentors :-)