Friday, 5 February 2010

PopStar To OperaStar

Finally - I'm in! The blog threw me out last night and it just didn't want to know again until now! Anyway, here we go ...

Tussling tenors, bruised baritones and scrapping sopranos was how they billed it, and they weren't wrong - what a tough choice! Observation: Is Darius actually a giant or are the rest particularly small?

Bernie out first with Les Filles de Cadix - she's loving being the flirty vamp with the sexy male dancers, she can barely keep the grin off her face. Another storming performance, she's fantastic.

Referring to her stunning final note Rolando said “That C sharp was fantastic.” And Meat Loaf said “She came bursting through those doors like The Terminator. You owned that stage.”

Danny has Funiculi Funicula which I adore. LOL at the McFly guy having a go, next year, sonny, next year! And then Rolando and Katherine doing the Macarena! There's even a hokey cokey air about it - Pavarotti meets the Tiller Girls says Alan. Danny's best yet, slight wobble but great stuff, huge fun.

Katherine said “It was a really good performance. I agreed when I watched it (your performance) last week it was not good. But I kept you in because I could see the potential in you and I’m so glad I did.” Laurence said ”The worse thing you can do is take it too seriously and you turned it into a football chant. And that’s great.” “Absolutely” agreed Meat Loaf. And Rolando said “He had fun with the piece. It was yabba dabba doo!”

Kym with Nella Fantasia and they don't tell us exactly why but it's very emotional for her. Beautiful song, beautifully sung; she's got everyone sobbing now. I'm voting for everyone so far ...

Laurence said “That was terribly moving.” Katherine said “I know what you’ve been going through and you held it together and I’m so proud of you for doing that.” Meat Loaf said “I just love it when people just feel songs so much and you did and you’re making me cry and I loved it.“ Rolando said “You started flat but the emotion and the breathing but I have to say you put everything together.”

Darius' poor kid brother, how underwhelmed is he? Darius completely at home on the stage again, even makes a chair a good foil, loved the falestto bit, singing to his hand! His kid bro still not looking happy, leave him alone Darius! Cracking performance of Non Pui Andrai, but his flies are undone - the cameraman a lot more discreet than Meatloaf!

Rolando said “That’s where your voice should be singing. I appreciate you create a performance and you gave a very good performance. Really good. Congratulations.”
Meat Loaf said “3 out or 4 weeks you’ve got the character.” Katherine said “Now I know why you were looking. I really enjoyed it. When you’re singing in the right register it’s so lovely. Well done. It’s brilliant.”

Marcella sings Ave Maria, it's all about the voice, nothing but her and the harp. No tricks, just quality and simplicity - I do find the constant quivering a little off putting, I find her less watchable than the others.

Meat Loaf said “That was a really hard song but Katherine said it’s all about the note and I said no it’s about the emotion and you’d the notes and the emotion.” Katherine said “I think your worry was there weren’t the fireworks to show your voice off but you didn’t need that. You wouldn’t have been able to sing this in week one.” Laurence said “It’s a terribly minimalist piece I liked the way you did that. It was soulful and quite earthy.” And Rolando said “I have to say physically she was very quiet and she had to control her voice. It was a tremendous performance.”

Mika and Danielle (not sure we need to see her tonsils, Mr. Cameraman) perform - Popstar and Operstar, don't know the song - sounds familiar of course, but very enjoyable.

First through: Kym! Bernie! (I restricted myself to just Bernie, bearing in mind you don't actually have time to vote for any more!) Last place: Darius! I think it's bye bye Danny in that case. A shame but going on a high ... oh, but hang on, based on tonight Rolando and Laurence have gone for Danny ... 2 votes each - Katherine clearly struggling to decide and sends it back to the public. Good call, fairest way - Marcella is safe! Danny joked “I’m going to have a holiday!”


foxy said...

Those were the 2 I put in the bottom. Bernie is my fav at the moment I think. Nearly fell off my chair when Rolando voted for Danny! What the hell was that about?! :o)

Julie P said...

I missed it this week so am glad for the update. I haven't been following this show from the start but like to dip in and out of it.

Julie xx

Jaye said...

You're welcome Julie! I hope they do it again next year, I'm really enjoying it.