Friday, 12 February 2010

PopStar To OperaStar

Semi final night and Marcella's wearing a red waterfall - wardrobe have had a lot of fun on this series. Mylene's the opposite extreme in black leather mini-dress. Meanwhile, Meat Loaf is doing his now usual, now embarrassing boycott of Alan, by appearing to urinate at the back of the panel's box.

Only two going through to the final! But public vote only, no judges decision. Who's it gonna be?

Kym out first, with little Gwion from the Oliver show accompanying her for Pie Jesu. Beautiful, she does bring so much heart and warmth to it, even if the vocal isn't completely perfect, she sells it.

Afterwards Katherine Jenkins said: “I was worrying all week that it might fall flat but that is best you have sang it, well done to you. I think you are right, I don’t think you have strongest voice but you sing from the heart.”

Meat Loaf said: “It was a really tough song because it was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber about the death of his father so imagine how he must have been feeling at the time and I thought that you did really well.”

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen said: “That’s the kind of song where there’s nowhere to hide, it’s very very difficult but you got right more than you got wrong.”

Rolando said: “Overall it was a good performance.”

Darius was a naughty boy and didn't learn the aria they gave him, Fin Ch’han Dal Vino (Champagne Aria) before finally deciding he would and so not having as much practice as he should, tut tut. But you wouldn't know it - if you're a layman like me - so confident a performer is he, if maybe not as vocally spot on as it should've been. Afterwards he said: “I have to admit I can’t thank the judges enough for giving me the biggest challenge of my vocal career and when you stand up to it you learn more and whether I made it or not is up to the viewers at home.”

Rolando said: “The good news is you managed to sing all of it, with almost all the words, and you were giving a performance, you’re a very good actor, but the bad news is, not always kept operatic voice and at the end you made a little mistake but probably nobody noticed.”

Asked by Alan if he thought the performance was a success, Meat Loaf said: “He had eight women on stage with him with low cut dresses and managed to keep my attention away from them, so yes.”

Laurence said: “I think we saw the best of you last week, this week that sounded to me like badly done, hastily done, handed in late, homework.”

Marcella and another assured, fantastic vocal, interacting well with the cast, lighter than some of the other arias, this one Mein Herr Marquis (The Laughing Song) from the operetta ‘Die Fledermaus’ composed by Strauss. Afterwards she said: “I was nervous but also excited and wanted to enjoy it and I kept telling myself, ‘Enjoy it, enjoy it,’ And push through all the cr*p in my head.”

Katherine said: “It was completely different to last week and it was so nice to see you do something happy and fun and get the opportunity to act and move around the stage. I really enjoyed it and it was great to see those vocal gymnastics again.”

Meat Loaf said: “If you weren’t married I would take you home. The high notes were fantastic, if you were nervous, I didn’t know it and if some guy had their head in my breast I would knock him to the floor.”

Rolando said: “You really had fun with it, obviously the audience had fun, the high notes were great, overall much more happy then last week.”

Bernie and I'm lol-ing at the 'Look of Love' between her and Rolando. She really is just the business - vocally she's as hot as Marcella but also sings with the heart and soul of Kym, she's awesome. Honestly, it's not because of the name, really. I voted three times for her. And I'd like Kym to go through too. Afterwards the preformance of Je Veux Vivre Dans Ce Reve (Juliet’s Waltz) from the opera ‘Romeo and Juliet’ she said: “I just felt so nervous and was determined not to be nervous then when it started I felt so much love for the song I wanted to scream I was so excited.”

Rolando said: “This was a hard one, the hardest aria you had to sing, lots of high notes. The good news is it was really well performed, the bad news is I don’t have my phone or I would vote.”

Laurence said: “You never ever disappoint, every week your performance grows and grows. Whatever is thrown at you, you deliver and that was marvellous crescendo.”

Katherine said: “I can tell you’re not completely happy with that but that for you, Bernie, is eight out of 10 but for me it was the performance of the night.”

Meat Loaf said: “If you’re not in the finals, no disrespect to the other contestants, but if you’re not in the final it’s a crime.”

Vote lines are open!

Meat Loaf does Bat Out of Hell and not being a fan, I'm completely distracted trying to see if that's Tommy Blaize backing, as in, nose against the telly, but every time the camera goes near, it veers away again at the critical moment - that's Dave Arch on piano isn't it? Worst vocal of the night far as I'm concerned - Meat, not Tommy. Didn't think their voices married together at all well. Horrible.

Votes are in! First through - Bernie! Yay - longest scream ever! (Her not me!) And Darius with her! Aw, bye to Kym, really enjoyed her performances. Incredible Marcella will keep singing, Alan won't let her stop.

On hearing the news, Kym said: “I can’t wait to see my kids. I will listen to opera now but I don’t think I’ll sing it again.” Marcella said: “I’m a little bit disappointed but I’m ok.”

Final next week! Who's your favourite or are you waiting till the night?


foxy said...

I was really suprised the public voted for Darius after his messing around with learning the aria he was given - I know it irritated me anyway!

Should really have been Bernie and Kym, but that's just my opinion :o) So busy listening to Kym that I didn't even realise it was Gwion! Have seen him in Oliver and he was fab I have to say :o)

Kym's dress last night is my favourite of the series so far - love that style and her earrings were gorgeous! Not relevant to singing opera I know, but I can't help but notice these things lol :o)

My god Meatloafs performance was torture wasn't it?! We put him on mute - soooooooo bad! :o/

We wave at Dave every week! Nice to see he's getting work outside of Strictly :o)

Jaye said...

me too, thought he'd blown it and surprised it was he instead of Kym.

Jaye said...

And oh, yeah - Meat Loaf, what was that all about???