Sunday, 5 July 2009

3BT: Sport, music, fun

We did have a finalist at Wimbledon and, just in case you missed the commentator in the men's Final mention it, her name is Lucy Shuker. Together with Australian partner Daniela Di Toro, she was runner up to a Dutch pair in the Ladies Wheelchair Doubles. STOP PRESS: Jeremy Bates won the Senior Men's Doubles!

Listening to the radio in the car and I was tapping away to this, never heard it before but found it quite infectious. So I was surprised to find it was JLS, not that I'd anything against them in X-Factor, in fact I quite liked them. I think it'll do well!

Matt spent some more of his birthday money today, on The Simpson's Board Game and the Moe's Tavern section is hilarious. At least, Matt as Bart was - he had to sing a love song about bananas, pretend to be the Road Runner and tell a joke in a Russian accent, which he didn't have a clue about, rolling up instead at my attempts. Great fun for a Sunday afternoon. Very easy to play - unlike the Simpson's Game of Life, which has only been out of the box once ...

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