Tuesday, 14 July 2009

3BT: Dance, uneven eyebrows, suicidal pigeon

You may have seen the new picture over there, that takes you through to a new blog Dance Dance Dance, reason being, the silly season is upon us (Strictly Come Dancing season!) and I know many of you aren't that fussed. Since I wanted to cover It Takes Two as well, I thought it'd be best to give it its own dedicated blog, so the running commentaries for both that and Dancing on Ice, plus any other dance news will appear over there.

Had to revisit the beauty salon - wish I'd never started waxing my eyebrows now. They're very fair, you see, so I've never bothered to pluck or anything before. But so far, two different girls have done them and both keep missing bits. And the end of my left eyebrow is much fairer than the right, so we've had to adjust. Bloody stupid idea. And it hurts. And can't stop having it done now, can I, unless I want to look like The Incredible Hulk.

Driving back from school and a pigeon decided to jump out in front of me, I swear it had a death wish. Matt was adamant I'd run it over but we couldn't see the remains of the jay walking pigeon behind us. My Dastardly and Mutley "Catch the pigion, catch the pigeon" impression was totally lost on Matt, he just gave me one of his "Er, yeah ..." looks via the rear-view mirror.

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