Saturday, 11 July 2009

Dear Readers ...

... what do you think of the new look blog? Yes? No? Don't care? I fancied a bit more colour but I don't want you to all go "UGH" and recoil in horror! So if the general consensus is 'NO' then I an easily switch back to the original. Please leave a comment and let me know how you feel, ta v. much!

BIG NEWS!!! No, not Katie's exclusive interview with Piers that the nation has been waiting for because we were all so shocked at the break-up ... not, Matt has finally learned to ride his bike! Only, it's four years old and far too small now, so we've had to buy a new one - bless, he still had a load of birthday money left and now he's got the bug he was determined to spend it. He brought home a smashing school report the other day though, so we've gone halves with him. He's picking it up tomorrow!

I thank his school friends - they had bike week a couple of weeks ago and since then his best friends have been cycling in. So on Thursday he dusted the old bike down and announced he was going to ride it! He'd sussed it inside of half an hour, from not going anywhere to suddenly just getting it. His little face was a picture. Looks like I'll be dusting my own one down now because I know what I'm going to get on Monday morning: "Can we cycle to school mum, can we, can we?"


foxy said...

I like it Scatty! :o) Green is a particularly favourite colour of mine, so I think it looks good. It's nice to change things around a bit every now and again isn't it :o)

That may be slightly hypocritical since I'm being nagged by work colleagues to change my screen background now that Robin Hood has finished and been axed for good. Trouble is I don't want to lose my scrummy picture of a smouldering Guy of Gisborne! It cheers me up when I've just about had it with that darn basement ;o)

Scatty said...

Them axing it is all the more reason to keep the screen saver! Specially if you're still stuck down in that basement!

Glad you like the background :)