Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Holiday Snaps!

We previously stayed at Old Hall Farm a few years ago, before owners Lucy and John converted their barns - and I've been trying to get booked in again ever since but they were always full! Finally managed it this year, so here's a snapshot of the week.

You could live more than comfortably in the cottage, it had everthing you needed - this was where hubby treated us to a full cooked brekkie - every morning we hadn't forgotten the eggs; 90p a half dozen from Archie's (John and Lucy's son) own hens. They had home made ice cream available too!

The Hobbit chills out in our lovely cottage. Adamant that he never had his feet on the table he was ...

The Play Barn: Scene of three memorable victories over Matt, seen here practising in vain to beat his mummy.

We found the local Indian Restaurant, hurrah! I'm holding a masterpiece of creation, my speciality, although they laugh at me: Take one poppadom, sprinkle with raitha sauce, add chopped tomato and onion, then drizzle with mango chutney. What's wrong with that?

Raffia elephants at the Africa Alive! experience near Lowestoft. No real ones, but rhinos and lions and the cutest otters you ever did see. Will figure out if I can get the bit of video on here of them - but don't hold your breath, it's taken me four days to load some photos ...

The putting green on Southwold sea front - you see now why I did so badly: Windy day + no hair clip = where's the flag?
This is The Old Dairy, where we actually stayed - look closely and you can see an imp hiding behind a big rubber ring!

If you check out the link at the top, you'll find a picture of the swimming pool, the main reason we wanted to go again - we had it to ourselves every time we wanted it. Even though it is hired out privately for a couple of hours a day, I can't recommend the Old Hall Cottages highly enough as a base for a lovely family holiday.


Marilyn said...

Glad you had a fab holiday. Great photos. It looks like a nice place. :-)

foxy said...

We did something similar when I was about 16 with a cottage in the scottish countryside - was fabulous! Have been keen to go back ever since, but never seem to have the opportunity/funds *sigh*. Will make it one day :o) Glad you had a fab time Scatty :o)

Scatty said...

it was lovely thanks, Maz. And Foxy - the details are all there, it's not Scotland but I'm sure you'd love it :)