Thursday, 7 January 2010


Athletics - our 4x400m relay team will finally be awarded their Gold Medals from the 1997 World Championships, following the American's being stripped of the title, due to Antonio Pettigrew admitting he was on drugs. So that's Team GB, World Champions twice in the 4x4 - 1991 our other glory year - Roger Black the only athlete in both teams. Double world champion - doesn't that have a lovely ring to it!

Swimming - Hannah Miley won 400m IM gold in the European short course championship. What is it with us and the 400m distance! We seem to have always done well, be it running or swimming!

The Winter Olympics begin on 12th February, good luck to all our competitors - particularly the bob skeleton guys, fingers crossed you get more sliding time! It's a shame, they could've all stayed here a bit longer! *peeks out window* Brrrrr.

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