Friday, 22 January 2010

PopStar To OperaStar

Rolando's looking for "Chaka Chaka" in the performances tonight. Should be interesting - an opera version of I'm Every Woman!

Darius, singing a Spanish song in French - he's feasting on ass at the moment, as Katherine and Rolando argue (very genteely) over pronunciation; Dave Arch is cracking up. Confident, real stage presence, who'd have thought, he's come a long way since that Britney classic hasn't he! The song: Votre Toast from Carmen. He said: “It was the most wonderful, wonderful experience working with Rolando and Katherine and you have to learn to sing in French with Italian overtones and a different vocal but it’s such a privilege…it’s a singers dream, I’m really enjoying it.” Rolando said: “You gave energy to your performance…but the French, aye aye aye, there was a moment when you wobbled.” But Laurence Llewelyn Bowen liked the performance and said: “l think we can out you as secret matador.” Afterwards Darius said: “I was confused by the different directions, I must admit.”

Kym has the drinking song, ideal for barmaid Michelle! But she hasn't had much time - on stage though, it's a mini production. I know nothing about opera, obviously, but I thought she was brilliant! Staggered actually, wasn't expecting that! The official song title: Brindisi/Libiamo Ne’lieti Calici. Afterwards she said: “I find it really hard. I’m tired, working and I have my children. It’s harder then I thought it would be, it’s so difficult.” Katherine Jenkins said: “There is such a massive improvement on last week, that was just wonderful. I think when you have a setting and your character, you’ve got into it and with it being a drinking scene you can use your character. You tend to go flat but didn’t do that this week, but I’d still like to make it stronger next week.” Meat Loaf said: “I think you have a real problem and that is that you’re going to be invited to every party in London from now on.” Laurence Llewelyn Bowen said: “It was sophisticated and very sensible. The song is about requiring money from gentlemen callers to go upstairs for fun, but you made it elegant and sexy.”

Danny has a beautiful but tragic song, Caruso, showing his serious side, even with the tongue tied Italian, terrific performance, very emotional, I loved it, his mum's crying and Katherine swooned! He said: “Oh my God, I’m so happy it’s over. I nearly cried, especially with my mum sat there.” Rolando said: “I have to say that Danny worked very hard and had real concentration. It was a dangerous piece for him because he could bring his pop voice out but he really kept his opera voice.” Laurence said: “It was an incredibly mature performance. It would have been absolutely so easy for pop Danny to come out and play but you kept him back. It was fabulous.” Meat Loaf said: “I applaud you, son, you were there, every moment. That was love song and I believed every moment that you sang.” Katherine simply said: “I have one word, swoon.”

Marcella had Un Bel Di Vedrimo from Madame Butterfly, dramatic and emotional, terrified but not crying. She's very hard on herself, a great job, didn't quite get the raw emotion. She said: “I can’t remember how I felt, I was definitely struggling. There’s so much to think about. I didn’t really connect as much as I wanted, it’s the old story about the nerves.” Katherine said: “I think you are far too hard on yourself. You, by far, have got the hardest song this week, and last week, but you come in and work really hard and, technically, everything we asked you did, it was outstanding.” Meat Loaf said: “She was singing about a lover coming back across the seas and if I was him I’d have been swimming to you darling and I want you to know, God willing, and the creek don’t rise, you’ll be back next week.” Rolando was not so impressed and said: “You tried to get the emotion but when a technical part arises you can’t connect the emotion and we didn’t hear that extra magic moment we had in the rehearsal room, but, as Katherine said, it was an incredibly difficult piece.” Laurence agreed and said: “The butterfly was clear for takeoff and I was worried it wouldn’t leave the runway, but, on the plus side, you’ve pulled Meat Loaf.”

Vanessa and there's still no let up in The Saturdays schedule, so she suffered again this week, still breathy - don't think it will do her any favours, the song not being something in Italian we've never heard of - Summertime in English and I'm thinking, I prefer Ella. She said: “I am a little torn but I am still putting 100 per cent into this and I do want to be here.” Rolando said: “Well, you know, one thing is to say you want to put 100 per cent into something, the other thing is to work like that and perform like that - you did it.” Katherine said: “That was a really good performance, but, in fairness, quite an easy song. It’s in English and so not as complicated and I think you got away with it. But, if it was more difficult, it would have been more worrying.” Laurence said: “There’s a fragility to your tone that I find endearing, but, what I would suggest, is that you run because Rolando is going to bag you up and make sure you make it to rehearsals.” Meat Loaf said: “I have to disagree with Katherine, it is an easy song but it’s also hard because it’s English and so well known and everyone has heard it, so to come out here and to nail it, the audience knows when you’ve nailed it, but in French they wouldn’t have an idea and I think you did very, very well.”

Bernie's got the Love Theme from The Godfather, Parla Piu Piano, she's going for a big note at the end "Oh, S***" she says. "Where's it say that?" says Rolando! Passionate, it's a Wow - she nailed it, I'm actually welling up, there's a standation in the audience I think. From a batch of excellent, moving performances, she just nicked a vote from me. And not just because there's a chance we're related. A Chaka Chaka performance! And not a Rufus in sight (just a private little 80's soul joke there!) She said: “I was so, so nervous.” Katherine said: “That ending blew everyone away, I wished I had that note. It was so beautiful, you were so into the passion of it. You were slightly ahead of the orchestra but I’m going to forget that because it was brilliant.”
Meat Loaf said: “Hit men all over the world are in tears now, sweetheart, you killed it.”
Laurence said: “It is incredible to hear the noises you make so and even though you were running fast, it gave it added energy.” Rolando said: “You took breathes in strange places, but that’s what I call a chacka chacka performance.”

Jimmy sings Volare, a flirty song, he'll sing to the missus. Had a lot of fun with it. He said: “I blew the words but I had so much fun. If I’ve gotta go, what a way to go. It was do much fun. What a great song, what a great opportunity. I’m still working on it.” Rolando agreed and said: “You said it, the words were not there. I think this is the problem of pop singers, your voice was tired it was not there, you were struggling, but you tried very hard and when your voice is tired there’s nothing else you can do.” Meat Loaf said: “Jimmy in the middle of the stage you did something with your hand and it was sexy dude.” Laurence said: “Last week the song was ice cream, this week I thought it was a little bit of cheese, very nice and lovely but next week let’s have opera.”

Katherine shows them all how it should be done, seemingly so effortless and a jolly song! Well, it was! Lots of tra la la ing.

Decision time: Safe are Darius - Danny - Bernie - Kym - Marcella. It's Jimmy v Vanessa.

Meat Loaf and Katherine chose to save Jimmy, with Katherine saying: “Vanessa has the God given voice, but, Jimmy, you come in here every week prepared, so I have to save Jimmy.”

Laurence and Rolando chose to save Vanessa, so the decision went back to the public voting figures and Vanessa was announced as having the least amount of votes and therefore left the competition.

She said: “I feel like gave it my all and I just want to thank everyone who voted.”

Down to six! Same time next week: 9pm, ITV1.

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foxy said...

Correct decision as far as our house was concerned. Ok voice, should have been much better, but didn't put the work in and thus, didn't deserve to be saved in my book.

Poor Jimmy well and truly fluffed that didn't he :o) Thought Marcella was way below what she acheived last week, but impressed by Darius, Bernie and Kym at the moment. Think Danny improved a lot too!

The thing I'm enjoying most about the show though?..........Meatloaf and his craziness for sure! Lol :o)