Friday, 29 January 2010

PopStar To OperaStar

Mylene wearing her hair in tribute to Rolando; Jimmy displays his wonderful attitude again; Darius, international man of language.

Kym up first, singing Habanera and wearing a lacy bedspread. No, it's lovely, really. She's flirting - I get why the bedspread now. She became saucier as she went along, the last part was steamy. She's done it again, a deserved standation. There's a woman in the family enclosure all stoney faced and not clapping! Bad form, what? I didn't notice the wrong words, neither did Meat Loaf, lol! Rolando just, well, see the quotes, ha ha. Afterwards she said: "It’s difficult because I’m so busy and I’d love to be able to spend more time on the songs. I got a few words wrong but I did my best.”

Laurence Llewellyn Bowen said: “That was Kym playing the joker as far as I’m concerned. That was your pitch for the top spot, I thought it was wonderful but I’m a mere man and I’m a push over for a woman with a fan. But that’s really Katherine’s opera song, so it’s really Katherine that you’ve got to impress.”

Katherine said: “I loved the performance, I really did, in fact I might have to steal that fan, but you did get some of the words wrong and you could have been more sexy in the performance, the music could have been more sexy.”

Meat Loaf said: “lt worked for me, I’ll tell you what, that was like sex. Forty-five seconds of pure ecstasy.”

Alan replied: “We really must get you out more.”

Rolando said: “Acting and singing are quite different and it’s difficult and the voice wasn’t always there, the character was in and out, in and out.” *add that last bit to Meat Loaf's comment and you understand the hilarity!

Next to perform was Jimmy Osmond with Amor Ti Vieta He's eating, drinking, sleeping opera, crikey they've set me off now, his best yet, he makes everyone smile ... and cry.Afterwards he said: "I just got through it. What a beautiful experience it’s been this week to uncover emotions. Everyone should go to the opera.”

A dewy-eyed Katherine said: “I think this has been a turning point for you, it’s the first week where you’ve had a proper aria and it’s forced you to sing in an opera style and something clicked, I hope you preferred it because I enjoyed that.”

Rolando: “It was very, very touching. Technically there is so much to work on but the one thing an opera singer should never lose, and you didn’t, and that is the connection with the emotion and that is fantastic.”

Marcella is given Queen of the Night. Goodness! Or, WTF as Marcella put it! The Magic Flute song with the very high very quick notes, she's looks fabulous in a stunning blue floor length gown and hair extensions, the set is amazing, plenty of character, awesome performance. Afterwards she said she was glad to have her husband and son in the audience.

Meat Loaf said: “That was difficult but I’m going to quote Shakespeare and say, ‘Call out the dogs of war.’”

Rolando said: “That was a challenge and, technically, the most difficult thing to sing, but I have to say, yes, yes, yes.”

Laurence said: “I’m agreeing with Lord Meat of Loaf, wonderful, absolutely wonderful.”

Katherine said: “Who’d have thought anyone would be able to sing this song in this competition, let alone in the third week and, character wise, I would not mess with you.”

Danny has Time to Say Goodbye - I love this song! Tips from Russell Watson but he's taken Danny's phonetic phrase book away. Hope he gets it back - wobbly start, became stronger, went for it big time though!
Danny said: “I think it was a tough one but I did my best. It was nerve wracking but nerves are no excuse.”

Katherine: “Sometimes you haven’t had the energy levels but you found the energy and came out with some guts but I know you can do better.”

Rolando said: “I have good and bad news. The bad news is that technically you were struggling all week and it was sometimes too much pop, but the good news is you were nervous and you were still big on stage and that says a lot.”

Laurence said: “I’m a huge fan of your voice and of most of your performances but that was B side - you didn’t engage with it in the same way but, as Rolando said, you fought so hard to make something of it and I’m extremely grateful.”

Darius has Granada, I know this, I do ... what is it ...ah, this is going to wind me up - it's an advert isn't it? Is it? Or is it something I know in English. That's Amore? Is that it? Another strong overall performance from him. Afterwards he said :“I salute the mentors and opera singers who spend their lives learning to sing like this. This is a dream come true for me.”

Meat Loaf said: “I believe that you love Granada and if you were selling real estate there I’d buy one from you.”

Katherine said: “This is a completely different – what was all the fuss about this week? I don’t understand. You even did a little twiddle that I didn’t hear in rehearsal. It was brilliant.”

Rolando said: “You surprised everybody and improved to grow in the performance. Your Spanish is better than your French. Thank you very much, it was a beautiful act, thank you.”

Laurence said: “There was a great bit where sounded like you’d been gargling women. It was a great performance, a very great performance, some wonderful noises there.”

Finally, Bernie with Voi Che Sapete, singing as a teenage boy! Gary from DOI helps with character. In a tough week, Bernie wins my vote again - stunning. She's got the vocal, but also captures the emotion and is animated throughout, watchable and well as listenable. Afterwards she said: "I would love to continue singing like this and I really hope we’re bringing this to wider audience.”

Katherine said: “It was outstanding Bernie, honestly. What I love is that when we gave you this song you didn’t know it and I’m not sure you liked it, but you attacked it and you came out here and gave a marvellous performance.”

Rolando said: “I was very impressed, really. What you sang last week compared to this, it’s a different world. It was really believable and I enjoyed it immensely.”

Meat Loaf said: “Peter Pan don’t ever grow up, don’t ever grow up, don’t ever grow up.”

The girls outsang the boys tonight, I think they'll all be safe and it'll be a boy going! Not much time to vote is there? Rolando takes the stage; they make him bring it back, he has to sing ... his eyebrows have a life of their own, don't they? Mesmerising. (The voice, not the eyebrows!) Here we go: Safe - Marcella; Kym;Darius; Bernie. Jimmy v Danny, tough for the panel. Or maybe not - it's unanimous for Danny! Jimmy said: He said: "My opera dreams have just begun. What a blast and now I get to go home and see my beautiful wife and kids, that's opera for me. It's empowering and exciting and I have fallen in love with everyone in this contest."

Down to just five! Same time next week, 9pm ITV1 on Friday, see you then :-)


Julie P said...

I only watched a bit of this show for the first time last week but thought all the singers were very good - couldn't get over Bernie Nolan's operatic voice.

Meat Loaf does get a bit carried away though!

Julie xx

foxy said...

Meatloaf is completely out of his tree isn't he?! Makes me laugh so much though! Lol :o)

I was shocked it was 4-0 for Danny. he really messed up and imo was/is the weakest of the singers. I really liked Jimmy :o( Particularly liked the bit of his video shwoing the other popstars cheering when he got through over Vanessa last week ;o)

Kym and Bernie are my favs now Jimmy is gone - come on the girls! :o)