Sunday, 3 January 2010

3BT: Scenes we'd like to see ...

... improbable TV listings.

Sunday 3rd January

3.00pm: David Attenborough's Life
Ecologists, palaeontologists and conservationists gather to celebrate their spiritual leader and God of Man.

3.30pm: Antiques Stage Show
Members of the public challenge Fiona Bruce to utilize their old junk in a tableau homage to Broadway.

4.00pm: "Don't You Know Who I Am?"
The ancestry programme moves to London's West End, as a minor celebrity tries to charm bouncers with their best drunken dialogue and fanny/pecker flashing skills. Spin off show "WhoThe F**k Do They Think They Are?" follows on BBCITV4 at 3.00am.


Anonymous said...

how bout 'Dancing on hot coals' contestants show blistering pace to perform routines

Jaye said...

LOL - very good - and so topical too!

Organic Meatbag said...

Hahaha...fanny/pecker flashing skills!

jaye said...

glad you like, Organic meatbag :-)