Saturday, 8 August 2009

The things they say ...

I'm going to have to ban Matt from watching telly - he's far too influenced by the adverts. How do I know this? We're walking along the high street, it's boiling hot and he says:

"I'm so hot I could keep fish alive under my armpits. Here, feel."

Er, thanks for the offer, but no. (And he keeps nicking his brother's "Line-X")


foxy said...

That adverts makes me shake my head becuase it's so stupid. LOVE compare the meerkat though...and regularly treat people to an Alexsander impression lol :o)

Also liking the Fairy Platinum ad with the worst tag line ever! "Makes your dishes sparkling clean, but unfortunately you can't fit your scooter in" - who thought of that? Seriously? Still makes me laugh though. Must have a very childish sense of humour ;o)

jaye said...

love the meerkat! It's funny how we can follow the meerkat now - it used to be follow the bear - but you're too young to remember that! And the Smash martians will never be usurped, except maybe by the PG chimps. Which reminds me of a video I've got somewhere, must dig it out and post it!