Wednesday, 12 August 2009

3BT: Hint; Regenerate;Shabby

I've written three pieces for Robert Swartwood's Hint competition - follow the link there for further details and examples of what you need to do and where to send it. I'll just check them over again and make a final decision - I actually wrote six, but they have to be original stories you're hinting at so I'm guessing this one I'll just use as an example for you!

Comfort Food

The witch woke up in a nightmare of her own making; she'd forgotten the chocolate. And those kids wouldnt get fat on their own.

See! Easy, yes? I might make it a regular feature, just for the fun of it it, along with the #blogtakeoverday!

The Regenerate has opened for business! It's very much a 'Work-in-Progress' as more features are added, but if you are a Medway artist, writer, photographer or view Medway in any creative way, please do get in touch because all submissions will be considered for publication on the blog, and subsequently, hopefully, in an actual magazine!

And yes, I've changed the background of this blog again - a friend of mine has a thing about buttons, you see - and then I came across this one on my travels, courtesy of Shabby Blogs! They even had a lovely pink blinkie that was perfect for Dance Dance Dance! Do check them out if you fancy a style and colour change.

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