Tuesday, 25 August 2009

3BT: Music, film, dancing

Took Matt to see Ice Age3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (in 3D) - he loved it, so did I. Starts off a bit slowly, but suddenly it's heart in your mouth time as there's danger at every turn. Only, not really really bad obviously - it's a proper family film in every sense - and a very rewarding afternoon's entertainment, with just the cutest little cartoon animal you've ever seen (the whole cinema sighed a collective "Awwwww"). Go see!

Remember 'Everybody's Free' by Rozalla, circa 1992 - major dance track, yes. No - the lady herself has remixed it and this is a lovely cool jazzy version. Enjoy!

And in case you've been in bed all day with no radio or tv or anything - Strictly Come Dancing has released their full line up for Series Seh-VEN! It follows the official unveiling of the Dancing With the Stars line-up yesterday, which had more leaks than the Titanic (SCD wasn't much better) in fact, the only one that probably kept their final line up quiet was So You Think You Can Dance Canada (the US version still to come). Head on over to Dance Dance Dance for full details.


Akelamalu said...

Hi fellow Strictly and HP fan thanks for making yourself known to me!

I have to admit though I think I'm gonna be torn if Strictly is on at the same time as X Factor! I don't suppose you like that as well do you?

I love the Ice-Age Films - I'm a 59 year old kid! :)

Jaye said...

lovely to see you over here, the Autumn schedule just got interesting didn't it!