Tuesday, 18 August 2009

3BT: Phillips; Joe or Michael? Dining table tennis.

Congratulations to our second athletics World Champion - Phillips Idowu, Triple Jump Champion!

I'm going for a curry with some of the mums from cricket on Friday - we thought, let's ask a mum we haven't seen awhile and Debbie tells one of the lads, Michael, to phone his mum and ask her if she wants to come, which he duly does.

Debbie received a call back a few days later, from Joe's mum, thanking her for the invite! Fortunately she couldn't come, cos it would have been a bit embarrassing really, since none of us have ever actually met Joe's mum - it's a shame we don't know Michael as well as we do his mum, we might have recognised it wasn't him ...

Following on from 'Celebrity Wiff Waff' on The Daily Scatter, Matt and I cleared the dinner table and set up the table tennis net, only it was suspended horizontally between the chairs on either side - it was an extra point if you could land the ball on the net.

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