Thursday, 13 August 2009

I knew it; somehow, I've always known

The experts finally admit it - chocolate is good for you!


foxy said...

Actually I already knew that, genuinely (she said hoping to be believed!) :o) Report I read a few years ago said that a little bit of dark chocolate each day was beneficial to your heart.

Unfortunately nothing was said about a jumbo bar of Dairy Milk each day, but I'll err on the safe side and continue just in case ;o)

Julie P said...

But of course it is! We women know this instinctively - I'm sure milk chocolate has the same effect!
It does on my planet anyway.
Julie xx

Jaye said...

You know, now you mention it, I think I do remember a rumour a long time ago - isn't it nice to see it in print! I'm assuming fudge is included :-)

foxy said...

Thanks for the reassurance ladies - I feel much better about eating that Dairy Milk now :o)