Friday, 26 March 2010

Over the Rainbow: TheSearch for Dorothy Begins!

David Grindrod has the task of sifting through the auditionees and sending 110 to the Hackney Empire. Lauren makes a good impression, Olivia not so much; the Welsh Drew Barrymore lookalike does well. The Irish sisters are split up. Well done Jessica, so expressive. Jodie Prenger gets them all in the mood with a sing song.

David is joined at Hackney by Sheila Hancock and John Partridge to whittle them down to the fifty who go to Dorothy Farm. Graham is backstage with the girls, first one out, Katie from Ireland, makes it straight through. Two forget their words, one cracks, one too soulful from what I heard. Danielle is good, she's seriously good. The wide eyed wonder at the Big New World of Theatre. Of course she could be Dorothy. She's brilliant. John said so. They're flooding through now, even the nutter. The Welsh Drew look-a-like does a very different Just Dance. The Liverpool cousins are funny; the dark haired one the better chance.

At Dorothy Farm, four more join the fifty, soon to become 20 after three intense days of acting, singing and dancing. They're split into small groups for the final audition, some practice into the nights, others believe a decent night's sleep is more important.

The panel arrive, John wants all round strength; he's so sweet to the girl who can't dance. Sheila splits them into pairs playing Dorothy and the Lion, looking for character. Charlotte seeks vocal inventiveness and originality.

The final performance is upon them! It's funny, but even with this limited air time there are some I've already warmed to more than others. A platoon of Dorothys, Graham calls them, as they all line up in the barn singing Over The Rainbow; Charlotte has the job of the shoulder tap to tell them they didn't make it. The final 20 left standing, for an audience with the Lord and the studio audition tomorrow, 6.30pm. It'll be brought down to 10 - then we get to choose the 11th Dorothy!

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