Sunday, 14 March 2010

McLaren Watch

I know, I'm probably putting the mockers on them, but there you go - a British team, with British drivers, it's my duty to watch, even if it does mean the results will be shocking, except for the odd race I'm bound to miss, in which case it'll be a 1-2. I'll let you know in advance so you can place your bets ...

Race One, Bahrain - it's a steady, unexciting start but without any breakdowns, which is always good. Jenson gave the impression that his seventh placed finish (6pts) could have been maybe a little better and that he possibly preserved his tyres in the first stint a little too much. Lewis made 3rd for the podium (15 pts) and with a change in the points and another nineteen races to go, it's all to play for. We'll hope the excitement builds ... if I'm honest, most exciting thing today was meeting Massa's cute English mechanic. Very nice.

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