Friday, 12 March 2010

Eurovision: Your Country Needs You

Graham Norton hosts, to find the performer for the Pete Waterman/Mike Stock song 'That Sounds Good To Me'. Check their resume! Jade Ewen and Bruno on the panel, Bruno's past comes back to haunt him!

Karen first, she can't project her voice enough, lacking charisma but on the playback at the end, she sounds stronger than some of the others!

Alexis, a Kent lad, nice looking *crosses fingers* Never Gonna Give You Up, he needed a cheek microphone, he keeps forgetting to keep the hand held one close - but great other than that. Good interpretation.

Uni5 have a Banarama song that I don't remember, a bit underwhelmed so far, to be honest. Pete also unimpressed.

Esma and This Time I Know It's For Real, I love this song, please don't murder it. Bit ungainly, gave it her all, needs polishing, couple of wobbles, on balance, losing stamina by the end ... Jade must have wax in her ears.

Josh from Basildon has a Jason Donovan special and it's easily the best vocal so far, by a mile and he can perform too, likeable, confident performer. Yeah.

Ooh - Miss Fitz, the return of Gemma, cool. A guaranteed vocal, yes? A Steps song, out of their comfort zone? These are the girls that gave us a swing version on Britney's Toxic. Better The Devil You Know - quite prophetic really, shouldn't have messed with the vocal arrangement, it didn't do them justice. Disappointing.

All of them for an Abba medley, bit messy, I'm thinking the two boys, Alexis and Josh and A.N. Other. They're bringing the professionals in to write and produce, I'm thinking it's time for professional performer too.

Pete's choices: Esma! Alexis! Josh!

Graham tries to keep a straight face when assessing the competition.

The Song itself, Alexis out first, it's a grower, I think, bit like all SAW's were. His voice a bit in and out again, he's working very hard.

Esma forgets the words, vocal uninspiring, needs time to mature.

Josh again with the best vocal, very laid back, needs a bit of oomph in the performance but they can work on that.

On the recap, Alexis has the charisma, Josh the vocal. Hm, maybe they should have just brought back Rick Astley.

Alexis could nick this for his comments. The Sugababes live, showing why most pop stars mime, no, they were ok really. I see the appeal of the Norwegian bloke, happy shiny fella, very charismatic.

Results: Esma third, not a surprise - Josh takes it, sings again, mum is beside herself. I'm assuming that's his mum and not an older woman stalker.

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