Thursday, 3 September 2009

The things they say: Matt's Fishy Wishes

Meet the latest members of our family - Ayrton (the little silvery one) and Nigel - all being well, they'll be joined by Damon next week. Matt's ecstatic to be a 'daddy', which I'm not sure I shouldn't be a bit worried about?!

I was hit with twenty questions on the way to the pet shop, as he didn't trust me to get anything right: How big is the tank? How much does it hold? How often do you feed them? Which team do you like best, AC Milan or Inter Milan? Eh? What? Oh, I dunno, do I - neither.

"You have to choose!"

"Oh, right - er, AC."

"Oh, good, me too."

He doesn't stop talking you see, so the topics tend to jump about a bit!


foxy said...

Fairly typical child then I'd say ;o) I was like that about my cat when we first got her, it's only natural to be over-excited. it'll wear off in a bit, you'll see lol :o)

Jaye said...

glad you left a comment - just reminded me I need to feed the little fellas, as Matt's at Nanny's and won't be home till later!

Jaye said...
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