Tuesday, 15 September 2009

There simply aren't enough hours!

Especially when you're back to running The Hobbit everywhere again, because he can't get his lazy aris out of bed! The car is playing up and he started college, which wouldn't be so bad but then it's - oh, I need to pick something up from school first - and oh, work have called, they've got some extra hours for me. Still a lot cheaper than uni, I guess, so shouldn't complain - at least he's not bumming around the streets.

BUT, it has seriously cut down my writing time today and I had a ton of things I was going to address - it's now 1.30 and I've only just logged on, apart from a quick scan of my emails this morning.

So far from bringing another sports report (see, I'm trying to do it more often) I'm going to concentrate of just one major British sporting superstar that most of the country will probably never know of - he should be top of the list (that I will shortly be compiling) for Sports Personality of the Year. It is, of course, World Champion Triathlete Alistair Brownlee, who won the Grand Final this weekend in Australia, having won an incredible four out of the seven events en route to the overall title.

His younger brother Jonathan was runner up in the Junior Men's competition, and in the Women's U-23 Hollie Avil won with fellow Brits Jodie Stimpson and Vicky Holland finishing second and fourth respectively. Reigning Ladies champion, Helen Fielding secured a bronze, which saw her up to fifth overall this year. So, when anyone starts to moan about British sport, stun them with your knowledge of our triathletes, all of whom appear set to peak at London in 2012!

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