Sunday, 27 June 2010

McLaren Watch

Ok, so, technically it's 2-0 to the Germans today, as Vettel won the European Grand Prix as well as his compatriots proving what we all knew in our hearts - the current England footballers are not as good as the industry would have us believe: The Golden whatevers? Who termed them that, their agents? Give 'em the Golden Boot is all I can say!

Anyway, Lewis survived an early scare to drive to second and Jenson was third, so they maintain their lead at the top of the driver standings, although Vettel has jumped up to third. Webber proved that Red Bull really do have wings - the re-tweeted joke doing the rounds, following his massive accident; how he walked away a testament to the toughness of these cars. Do check the on-board camera!

Lewis is on 127, Jenson 121, Vettel 115, Webber 103, Alonso on 98. McLaren still at the top on 248, Red Bull 218 and Ferrari a distant third on 165.

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