Sunday, 13 June 2010

McLaren Watch

Wow - who'd a thought it! I mean, I did, when Lewis stormed to pole position yesterday, but when he lost the lead today and off went Webber again, I doubted! So I watched - and the boys brought home a one-two result again! Fab-u-lous!

Strategy and luck with regard to tyres played their part in a brilliant result for McLaren - a backmarker gave Jenson the opportunity for a cheeky little pass on Alonso - watch the highlights here. It sees the leaderboard with just 15 points now covering the top 4 drivers.

1. Lewis 109

2. Jenson 106

3. Mark Webber 103

4. Fernando Alonso 94

And at the head of the constructors table, McLaren extend their lead over Red Bull and Ferrari. And I'd tell you by how many points but neither the BBC website nor Teletext have updated the tables yet. I'm assuming Jake is too busy celebrating with McLaren ...

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