Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Well, duh!

Matt's birthday today - just spent 2 hours wrapping. (I might be exaggerating there slightly, it felt like hours) Among the little things I got him, a big badge with a '9' on it. Which is just as well, cos that's how old he is now. Anyhoo, health and safety being what it is these days, there's a "CAUTION" notice: "This Badge Pin MAY Have a Sharp Point!" I sincerely hope so, or he's going to have helluva job pinning it on ...


foxy said...

My god! We really are living under the oppression of health and safety aren't we!

At the weekend I took my dad down to Maidstone to walk along the river and lock by Allington. Stopped at the pub for a drink. Dad wants a bag of peanuts and they have a note on the side - 'caution: this bag may contain nuts'. I bloody hope so or I want my money back, idiots!

Jaye said...

Hey - The Malta Inn, I know it well!

Yeah, there was a story about the egg company that put 'contains eggs' on the inside of it's box too!