Thursday, 11 June 2009

Strictly Kent: Ian and Camilla

What a fab night out! The lovely people at brought us what we’d been begging for – a demo night by, of all things – Strictly dancers! The inaugural event was hosted by Mark Shutlar, of Starlite School of Dance, who is undefeated 10 Dance champion with wife and fellow principal, Jayne.

A ballroom demo by amateur couple Paula Harding and Jodie Tolhurst (waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep and Viennese waltz) preceded a cha cha workshop led by Mark, which was enormous fun – just when I thought I’d nailed it I missed a step; we considered going in for the competition but decided to let the others have a chance ...

The highlight of course, was Ian and Camilla’s five dance Latin demo. I’m lucky enough to have seen them live before and knew it was an awesome experience – my mum and friend were blown away at their speed and intricacy (not to mention seeing them in full view instead of via a whirling camera!) They entered to the Strictly Come Dancing theme and the crowd responded immediately – you’d think clapping was compulsory! Straight into a fantastic, fast samba to Tequila; while Cam changed for the Cha Cha, Ian took the mike like a seasoned stand up, albeit a breathless one.

Ian's pretty cheeky and nabbed Sarah, a DS forumite from our table, insisting she help him change his shirt (can't say I saw you resisting much Sarah!) and she had the pleasure of helping him out of the old one and into the new, including tucking it in! A brilliant jazzed up Summertime later and we entered the world of the Phantom of the Opera with the themed, theatrical Paso, before Ian and Cam launched into a jumping jive to Stuff Like That There - Ian and a hat on a chair; Cam miming the opening wearing a nun’s habit, whipped off by Ian to reveal a gorgeous red fringy affair! Tall people can’t jive? Give over; these two tall people are incredible. The demo finished with Cam’s favourite dance, the rumba to The Story of My Life, which swept us all away with them, it was so beautiful.

The evening finished off with Ian and Cam meeting and greeting (everyone!) autographs signed, photographs taken, keepsakes of a truly wonderful evening. Faye and everyone at StrictlyKent/e-motive media did a fantastic job and guess what? There’ll be more, oh yes! Can’t wait.


foxy said...

It was a fantastic evening Scatty! :o) Been keeping an eye out for news on Brian and Kristina coming to Ditton. Fingers crossed :o)

scatty said...

you can subsribe to an email at strictlykent or get alerts on facebook, they'll let you know first!