Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson

When the shock wears off – and I’ll admit, I was pretty choked when hearing any of his songs today and some of the tributes being read out on radio – I’ll remember Michael only for his wonderful music and dancing. Off The Wall and Thriller were part of the soundtrack to my life and whilst I wasn’t a fan dedicated enough to embrace all his subsequent recordings, he consistently delivered some cracking tunes.

Clearly, Michael had been unwell for some time; I was reading a list of the various ailments he was suffering from and I couldn’t help but wonder, why hadn’t all those people who surround him put a stop to these rehearsals and shows for his own good? Yes, he can demand to carry on, but it’s not like he physically organises them himself is it? Why didn’t anyone have the courage to say NO – enough is enough? Just because someone is so famous or rich doesn’t mean they’re not vulnerable and in need of some honesty. What kind of management let him get to that state? Obviously, sadly, the one that needed him to make more money.

It seems his cardiac arrest may have been caused by an overdose of prescription medicine and his private doctor is being sought by police. Tragic enough that he died, that it might be brought about by the possible negligence of a medical professional makes it worse.

I doubt we’ll ever know the whys and wherefores, just like we never knew the real Michael, remaining an icon in death as in life, joining that should’ve-been-immortal list with the likes of Monroe, Princess Di and JFK - any sins forgotten, elevated to saint status.

Me, I’ll just continue to listen to this, this and this and rock with him forever.


the purple dragon said...

A sweet tribute: echoes some of my own feelings. I remember a party when I was at college in about 1981, a party which was going nowhere, until someone stuck on 'Off the Wall'. Within minutes, the whole room was up dancing, and the party was a wow. You could go on, and on, about the 'tragedy' of it all, but, as you rightly say, none of us will ever really know the truth, and, sadly, he surely won't be the last.


Jaye said...

sad indeed - although a week on, there's a danger I'm going to suffer MJ fatigue - there are so many even sadder stories out there, I think the media need to get a grip now.