Monday, 15 December 2008

Voting, voting - is there no end to it?

SPOTY08 - what a great show last night, they kept it moving thankfully, they have been known to pad it out a bit sometimes. Too much to celebrate this year though. Rebecca Adlington should be given another award frankly, for making it down that ramp in those heels. I needed more tissues following the Helen Rollason and Unsung Heroes awards, but that’s nothing new. Didn’t I say cycling would be the National Sport by 2012? Team of the Year, Coach of the Year and the main award for Chris Hoy.

Call me Sybil, even though I don’t live at Delphi but I predicted the final three in the right order. In fact, I do quite often predict the winner: My choice for Xfaxtor was Alexandra (won). My choices for the first three series of Strictly that I watched were Jill, Darren and Ramps (all won). My choices in Dancing on Ice were Gaynor, Kyran and Suzanne (all won). Just call me Mrs Joe Public. So my choice for Strictly last year was Gethin (although with Alesha in the final and happy whoever won) and Tom/Austin this year. Now, hands up who can tell me the difference between those first few and the last two? Hm? Anyone? I’m sure you can work it out. Clue: Six letters, begins with a ‘J’ and ends in ‘S’.

The SCD director was as clear as mud tonight on ITT. My understanding is either: The scores and the votes are carried over, so the leader board stands at 75 apiece for the girls and 67 for Tom and the phone votes will be added to next weeks phone votes. Then they dance their two dances and these scores are added to the previous scores to make up the final leader board, which could look like this: Girl 1: 3 points; Girl 2: 3 points; Tom: 1 pt. Which is fine because the public vote will hopefully go: Tom 3 pts, Girls whatever and Tom would be tied with one of the girls on 4 points and will proceed to the next stage as the public vote carries more weight.

OR - Mr. SCD Man made it sound like the OTHER points would be carried over, in which Tom is already 2 points down! Then, bearing in mind the judges could do the same again, the girls would both be on 6 points and Tom on only 2pts. So, since Tom can only get a maximum of 5 pts after the public vote - THEY’RE MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Jesus H.Christ Almighty - I’m a dumbarse when it comes to Maths but even I can work it out! Unless they’re adding the public votes to the judges votes before they start on Saturday? Which would hopefully make it Girl 1:5 pts; Girl 2:4 pts; Tom: 4 pts. So if the judges do the same again and the girls get a maximum 3 pts each - are you still awake, come on, keep up - they would be on 8/7 pts before the viewer vote, after which Tom could only get a maximum of 8 pts, which can only equal one of the girls. So we have to tactically vote? What if, like me and my friend Trish, you didn’t vote for Tom on Saturday because you knew it was pointless? How many other Tom fans didn’t vote because it was pointless. If he wasn’t top with the public this week, he's not even going to be on 7pts is he?

Don’t blame me for making it confusing. I’m emailing It Takes Two. This dance off business has been more trouble than it’s worth - just to keep the judges favourites safe. Why should they choose the finalists over the hundreds of thousands of us that vote?

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