Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Results Show SCD: Week Twelve

Am I the only one who‘s glad the old Brendan is back - it’s just been too quiet :D. Have to say that is Tess’ best style; stunning. Ooh, a disco dance from the 70’s - now we’re cooking! Bring it on! LOL. The Hustle (check out 1 minute in, me and my mates at our local club that is) must have been one of the first singles I ever bought. Brian and Kristina giving it some welly to Boogie Wonderland, though I’m guessing this may have been put together quite quickly. Group Viennese Waltz - twirly twirly gorgeous twirly. The Argentine Tango - er, isn’t the girl on girl action on the table a little bit too, well, you know - at this time of night? It’s dramatic and all that but I prefer a nice big swing or fast Latin number. What else will they do next week - surely not just the AT? Barry Manilow sings ‘Copacabana’ without moving his lips - and he’s not miming ;) Cam and Ian, Lilia and Darren whip it up. Cheesy it might be, almighty fun it surely is.

The Moment of Truth
Safe: Rachel and Vincent; Tom and Camilla. Doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know about how the voting might go. Austin and Erin, first dance off - go for it. I don’t think the judges can deny Lisa and Brendan’s waltz though but I’m still not comfortable with the fact that the publics’ possibly 1st or 2nd favourite can be voted off. It’s unanimous - but under the old rules I’m sure Austin and Erin would have gone through. Craig is gutted, you can see; he was governed by the dance off rules so fair play to the bloke. Standing ovation. Oh, for goodness sake - am I destined to end every results show in tears?

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