Sunday, 14 December 2008

Running Commentary SCD: Week Thirteen - Semi Final

Lisa and Brendan - great music, good interpretation. I felt Lisa actually led it more than Brendan though, but passionate. Len: I loved the start, into character, intensity; Bruno: Lisa’s legs reaching to the outer limits; Craig: Like the spiky nature , the passion. (Something) could have been led more by Brendan; Arlene: Those legs were made for wrapping. Judges: 35. Quickstep: I preferred their earlier one, this didn’t have the same pizazz, lovely though it was. Len: Maintained the movement, produced two fantastic dances tonight; Bruno: Moved with the radiance of a shooting star; Craig: Velcroed together. Fab-U-Lous; Arlene: Mastered the Quickstep, you‘ve come a long way baby. Judges 40. 75 combined.

Tom and Camilla -jiving to ‘Waterloo’ - an inspired choice I feel, what with the Mamma Mia film being the soundtrack of the year! I loved it, full of bounce, energy and FUN! Craig: More energy, improved sharpness; Arlene: More exciting than the Woolies sale (Well, you’d hope so!); Len: Fun, energy, loved the Miami special (the knee thing)Brilliant!; Bruno: Could this be your Waterloo! Judges: 33?? Scores don’t seem to match the comments - that’s what he got before. AT: Complete connection, much more with the feeling and less of the flicky bits. Bruno: You went for performance; Craig: Loved the routine, believable; Arlene: A lot of story…moving through mercury; Len: Chemistry and passion, brilliant. Judges: 34 Again,
better comments than the score suggests. Combo 67. In trouble. It’s them I’d rather see in the final though - Tom’s a natural dancer, you get the heart and soul in what he does.

Rachel and Vincent and a very technical AT, which lacked soul - maybe some traditional music would have helped? Arlene: Burning a hole in the floor; Len: Technical Tour de Force, could have done with a bit more drama; Bruno: Couldn’t see where Rachel started and Vincent started; Craig: You did that absolutely brilliantly (maintained upper body stillness) Judges: 39. Their chemistry is no better than anyone else’s - nowhere near Ramps and Karen’s AT. American Smooth to Barry Manilow - Mandy. I’m sorry but she’s just going through the motions, there’s no engagement with me at all. Where was the pizazz - they just seemed to wander around. It's not like me to be cruel, but they may as well have danced to this . Arlene: Return to the Hollywood movies with Rachel as Ginger Rogers; Len: Wasn’t a foxtrot, just wandering around (now he’s nicking my lines) Bruno: Quality of a beautiful dream (you forget it as soon as you wake up?) Craig: Gorgeous. I loved it. Judges: 36 Combo 75.

Well, that’s it then. The girls are tied at the top - there’s no way Tom can escape the dance off, even if the 10 million viewers in their entirety vote for him. Tess says it’s up to us - no, it isn‘t. There’s nothing we can do and no point in voting for Tom. Shut up Tess - we can’t save him. After losing Austin last week, we’ll now have a final with two of the least popular dancers in the competition, who between them will have been in six dance offs this series.

Results Show

Tom and Cam putting on brave faces. The one who goes through will be the one who wins - which is why a three couple dance off is so ridiculous. What? They’re freezing the vote as one couple would always have gone into the dance off? Well it wasn’t bloody rocket science was it? Oh, of course - the lawyers have been on to them - asking people to vote to save Tom when it was impossible constitutes obtaining money by deception! I hadn’t thought of that! Obviously plenty of other people had though and no doubt the complaints are already rolling in! Now will they accept that the dance off is a bad thing and scrap it? Quote from Bruno: “Both my girls did me proud” *Ahem * no bias there then! A show dance which was more rhythmic gymnastics - impressive but not dancing. So not interested. Bored now. The pro dancers group jive - that’s more like it: Karen and Matt; James and Ola; Darren and Lilia. Great value as ever. Tess talking to Austin, he’s still gutted: “The sun didn’t come up, birds didn’t sing, phone calls to the Samaritans, I’m never dancing again.” LOL Johnny Vegas just behind - now that would be fun. And Austin still rooting for Tom, Yay! The cast of ‘Chicago’ ’All That Jazz’ with some of our Pros - Matthew and Flavia, Ola/James, Hayley/Ian.

The Moment of Truth: They’re all through!!! Votes carried over to next week - thank God, a three couple final, back on track. They had to - all the people who don’t realise how the scoring works (and you’d be surprised how many there are - just take a look around the forum) were wasting their money voting for Tom and the Beeb cannot afford another phone scandal. It was the only thing they could do. Of course, a look around the forum will tell you that Lisa and Rachel fans aren’t happy of course - but the neutrals (and Tom fans) are! And I read on a news website that 200 viewers had complained but it didn’t say what about exactly - considering there are ten million viewers - Pffft!!

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